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Create Instant Farms on Vacant Lots

500 Earthboxes + Vacant Urban Lot = Instant Farm

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500 Earthboxes + Vacant Urban Lot = Instant Farm

Earthboxes (commercial SIPs) are highly productive, conserve water and fertilizer, portable, scalable, and eliminate problems with contaminated urban soils. They can be used to create instant farms in vacant urban lots. The farm can be easily dismantled and moved if needed.


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Lovely, I think the key here is "above ground boxes" = fast to move if someone claims this lot. I guess many cities have got lots that are owned by someone, but not used, just sitting there waiting for a developer to buy it in the future.
A City could enforce local rules that say if a lot is vacant and unused for 8-12 months or so, they could allow creation of such a temporary farm, against a promise to move it all and clean up the site within 2 weeks, if the owner comes forward and shows construction plans.

I guess it will not be likely. But who knows? Better to be prepared.

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