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Compost Connector: City Blocks to Rural Blocks

Inspired by Selvan's post about Daily Dump (, after banana peel disposal came to mind when thinking about Anne's "Banana Boat". Composting connects us full circle: The very beginning of the cycle of production to the very end, consumption. Here is a great breakdown of composting: – The concept: Compost containers could be provided by local grocery stores or by the farms themselves, upon purchase, for consumers. Consumers can take home, fill with produce remains, then bring back in support for the farmer to enhance their soil. Some consumers would make the local trip to the grocery store and some may head out to the farm land. The farm could have a marking/naming system for each 'block' of their land that gives a shout out to who provided nourishing compost to enhance soil of the farm land.

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A shout out could be given and named by city neighborhood or by block (instead of individuals) to bring more of a community feel. Neighborhoods in the city make a joint effort in supporting and giving back to their fresh food source(s).

A shout out could be: (Similar to plant pot labeling of type of flower and it's family) Neighborhood/family name and contribution of compost by weight.

This connection can easily become seasonal interaction that supports a sustainable lifestyle.

Also could be a great way to study what type of compost mash ups benefit that particular farmer's land the most, and for what specific produce.

(The IMG used for this concept post is a screenshot of a scene from Daily Dump's video.)