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Collaborative Consumption: Food Edition

Utilizing the "What's Mine is Yours" idea from Collaborative Consumption as inspiration, this idea involves neighborhoods (who may already have a swapping or sharing system in place) to expand or create their swapping habits to include food.

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Too often we buy food that is never used, which consequently is thrown-out. Instead of this, households who find themselves with something extra could post to their community the food items they have and could then arrange for an ingredient swap. As such, this will help communities decrease the amount of waste they produce and aid in growing or building upon swapping or sharing systems.

However, with quickly perishable items this may be difficult to implement. I would like to recommended that for quick implementation (which could of course be improved upon in the future) communities utilize a social media tool, such as Facebook and create a page for their those who live in the community. To this end it will not be necessary to build a third party platform and try to draw people's attention. All community members will receive the message, and with the increasing use of mobile phones, could potentially pick-up the item on their way home from work, for example, or run over to their neighbor's house to pick-up the item instead of running to the store, both costly in time, energy and money.


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Photo of Gokul

great idea..just one issue to be resolved...
would how would you determine a fair exchange value? e.g. 7 apples = 10 oranges

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This is definitely an important issue, however my idea is that if this concept launches within an existing collaborative consumption community, hopefully those involved will not abuse the system. Perhaps each exchange might not be seen as "fair" as person x receiving an item may not provide an item in exchange on that given day, but rather provides something to the community on the following day.

Photo of Ruben

How about we just let the market decide on the exchange rate? The desirability of broccoli will vary from one household to another, depending on what's cooking in that house :)

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