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Checkout with a Story

What if receipts could give us more information about what we purchase and tell us a story about what we are buying? If we were more aware of the distances that the our food has traveled perhaps we would stop and think a bit more about our shopping lists.

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Provide consumers a quick snapshot of the purchases on their grocery bill by highlighting one item that traveled the largest distance and another that traveled the shortest.

If a consumer buys locally, they are rewarded on the back of the receipt with a brief story about the local farmer and/or farm that they supported and a recipe straight from the farmers. There is also a tip on what else you can buy to continue to support other local producers.

I know that I am always looking for new recipes and so I really like the idea of building a recipe bank from local producers.


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Oh! I really like this idea, very simple and I think it could be quite effective. I know where I'm living (Ireland) some supermarkets show the food items you've bought which are Irish made, and I'm often very surprised by which items are/aren't.

It makes me think, this same supermarket offers rewards points, so Im wondering, could you add in extra rewards points to customers who buy say over 50% local? A lot of supermarkets seem to like get involved in local initiatives anyway so I can imagine they'd be interested in taking this on.

Well done on a nice and simple concept!

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