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Art exhibition focused on sustainability

Art is often a catalyst for change, as well as a tool for education. Why not host a large exhibition of modern art that connects to issues of sustainability? Invite artists, both local and international, and challenge them to create art that addresses anything surrounding energy use, transportation, biodiversity, food security, nutrition, obesity, and rural communities. This could take place at the Queensland Art Gallery or Gallery of Modern Art, and ideally would be an annual event.

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Not only would this generate a lot of buzz, and help to educate people about sustainability, but there could also be a number of partner events happening during the exhibition. Schools could encourage children to create their own sustainability-related art. (And this art could have its own exhibition!) There could be a public art campaign, to get art out on the streets, not just in the gallery. Restaurants could participate as well, perhaps by including a discount on an organic meal to those who present their museum ticket stub as a sort of coupon. Pop up shops could sell local art at farmer’s markets. The possibilities for tie-in events are endless.

The participating artists would most certainly come up with a number of challenging works of art that would hopefully generate conversation within the community, as well as inspire people to actively make changes in their life. If this were to become an annual event, it would be interesting to see how the art changes as our relationship to food consumption and production evolves. A city-wide art exhibition would be a great foundation on which to generate conversation, ideas, and long-lasting change.

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I think incorporating artists is really key to spreading the word. Art always has a great way for challenging the status quo without people getting totally defensive about it.