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'Any IDEAS' Campaign

Make the IDEAS Festival celebrate local food by devoting a chunk of its program to related workshops, lectures, fun activities centered on this topic. Make sure people know about it, via an 'Any IDEAS' regional campaign.

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The summary itself is pretty self explanatory: Tap into the existing structure of this Festival and the willingness of its organizers and sponsors to tackle this challenge to make a knowledge and awareness platform out of it.

At the IDEAS festival, we can imagine several types of workshops, conferences, cooking classes or fun activities (especially for the kids), to help people realize the impact of their food consumption, learn more about issues such as energy, transportation, biodiversity, food security, etc., but also learn how to make better choices: by showcasing local products and farmers, by teaching them tips and techniques on how to pick their products, how to shop, how to grow their own food, or even how to cook.

Any IDEAS how to improve / build on this concept?

Some of the builds include (thank you everyone!):
  • Working with local schools to have teachers give extra credit for those who attend the festival. Thes student could write a quick essay, "my ideas" or "what i learned" (Quyen)
  • Having 'participative billboards' where people could write their ideas / insights. These could be located for example in abandoned plots or community gardens (Sina). There could also be a contest where the most instructive / original responses win prizes (like fancy bottles of local wine).


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