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A Portion to Glean

A Portion to Glean is a community outreach program to bring Farmers and consumers together to serve others. Farmers dedicate a small portion of their land to be cultivated by the community. School children, neighborhoods, community grocery stores can come together to donate time and talents to feeding those in need locally or abroad.

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Farmers dedicate a portion of their farm to be cultivated and donated to those in need. Homeless Shelters, Disaster Areas, Low income families in the community.

The farmer chooses how much of the farm to use for the project each year.

Community volunteers spend time to prepare, plant, weed and harvest the crop set aside by the farmer.

All that is produced by the community from this plot of land is donated to local families in need and community centers. If the yield is high enough the product would be shipped to disaster areas abroad.

Advertised at the local grocery stores, community centers, churches, and schools.

Fun incentives, such as seedlings to plant in their own garden, to those who come help on a community help day. 

Tasks for Children available so parents don’t need to find babysitters.

School field trips to farm to help pick.

Cooking and planting classes by local experts to develop awareness for the program. 

Schools/ churches/ community centers rotate months to spend time taking care of farm. 

Creates connections between the the farmers, the community and those in need. 

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