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A Campaign: Now That You Know, What Will You Do?

Why is connecting food production to food consumption even important? That is a critical question underlying any other effort to educate people and influence action. One way to address to en masse, is by launching a visual messaging campaign that deals seriously with the 8 central issues (see challenge brief) and inspires people to arise through a call to action. Three features of the visual campaign include: (1) data visualized video with narration and animation; (2) static or interactive infographics addressing the "why" and "how" of the production/consumption issue as related to everyday life; (3) messaging by taking a bold stance > story telling and analogy is key in this aspect of the campaign. (See links included below for full citation and credit to producers)

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To tackle the 8 substantive issues (see challenge brief) that pump the lifeblood of the connection between production and connection, both an emotional tie and mental awareness need to be a first step. As I was thinking about concepts, a question hit me: Why is this connection important to anyone else other than farmers and agriculturalists, environmentalists and health conscious people? I started digging around those 8 issues that are intrinsic to purpose of the challenge and I was reminded of three things:

1. Video Visual Data Campaign
Effect: Elicit emotional and mental respond
Goal: Incite action and awareness

2. Visual Infographic Displays: Infographics that put raw data about various issues related to food production and consumption into perspective, and accessible with guides to action (drawing on literature of choice architecture, peer group effects, priming)
Effect: Inform and Help make connections to next steps of action
Goal: Change behavior toward healthier diets, energy conservation, obesity reduction, etc.

3. Messaging Campaign: A bit more of a bold stance toward both the negative effects of not turning to local food production (drawing on literature: loss aversion)
Effect: Spark reaction of rejecting, accepting, or inquiry
Goal: To bring into light the importance and immediacy of the needs related to the connection between production and connection; that it is active not a passive issue

I think each of these three avenues would be a great campaign start for Queensland Government in Australia and the IDEAS Festival 2011. It would have continuity, consistency of theme, unmatched pretty factor, and useful data shared in a way that incites emotional response and action.


1. A video I saw about education "Waiting for Superman" promo (my background is in education studies), that was chock full of data points backing the argument about the importance of addressing an eroding education system in the US. The video effectively captures the feeling and data that highlight the challenge, and the end of the video is a call to action.

2. Infographics that I've seen around nutrition and obesity, energy use and environmental impact--that really bring to life the stagnant data and subjects only secondary to my interests. Producing various posters (bus stop, billboard, ads., etc) that have the info, and show visually how it life can be improved by understanding and acting on sustainable food development and consumption.

3. The Truth campaign (, which essential told a story while disseminating information -- I also liked that it got a lot of flack for being so judgmental ;)


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Hi Sina,
I really like your action-compelling slogan, "Now That You Know, What Will You Do!"

I'm interested in the distribution methods of your concept. Perhaps in addition to the bus stop and billboard ads, you may consider converting some of these awesome infographics into printed materials.

I worked with a magazine that distributed free infographic newsheets (about democracy & voting) at Starbucks stores around the U.S.'s 2008 election time: they were a huge hit. People love free stuff!

I'm a huge fan of the "Eat Seasonably" wheel. I'd like to magnet one to my refrigerator door! I could see them as complimentary take-aways at farmers' markets, supermarkets, cooking supply stores, even schools. As for the videos, perhaps they could be available for watching at video kiosks set-up at Farmers' Markets. Adults and kids alike could watch something while munching on the free produce samples often given out at different booths.

Photo of Sina Mossayeb

the slogan is actually taken from the Girl Effect... but it still holds (i really like it too). Also, I think printed ones would be awesome, and particularly post-card ones (like the stuff you find in coffee houses for free). Magnets? LOVE IT! Thanks for your great feedback, very thoughtful and helpful.

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