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A "Certified Local" mark

Just as we find "certified organic" marks, what if the government could introduce a "Certified Local" mark for local farms and food processors that use local ingredients in their products?

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The Queensland government could develop a certification system which certifies local sustainable food producers who reduce or eliminate pesticide use, treat their animals well, conserve soil and water, provide safe and fair working conditions, reduce energy use, and sell locally wherever possible.

The government could promote this using a strong marketing program and also encourage stores to display some signage, and also subsidize the certification cost for local farms.

This could work not only for farmers, but also for large food processors that make products using a significant percentage of local produce, dairy, and meat.

For example,

100% - All local farms that meet the certification requirements can display a Certified Local mark.

95% - A multi-ingredient food can be identified as Certified Local and display a certification mark, provided that at least 95% of the ingredients are actually Certified Local.

51% - If a multi-ingredient food contains at least 51% certified ingredients, it can be identified as being “Made with Certified Local ingredients”.

50% - For a multi-ingredient food that contains less than 50% Certified Local  ingredients, the processor can identify the specific ingredient as being Certified Local.

  • This would help maintains the integrity of certification standards.
  • You get to enjoy a wide variety of foods knowing you are supporting Certified Local processors.
  • And, finally it allows our processors and chefs to showcase Certified Local foods in creative ways!

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