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(UPDATED) 'I am not from far away' label

(UPDATED) A state funded TV advertising campaign that promotes a fun "I'm not from far away!" label. Local producers within the state have the option of purchasing the government subsidised label to include on their products if they would like to benefit from the exposure of the campaign.

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A tax on imported food products in Queensland that directly supports local food production programs. Legislated in tandem with the roll out of a simple logo labelling system that clearly highlights if a product was 'PRODUCED IN QUEENSLAND' or 'PRODUCED FAR AWAY'.

Could the Queensland Government legislate a tax on imported food products which pays for programs that stimulate local food production? The incentive / goal for the tax being food security for the future .

Food products produced locally would not carry the tax.

A logo duo could be developed that highlights either that this product has been produced locally and does not carry the tax, or conversely this product has been made far away and does carry the tax.

The presence of the logos on food products would increase public awareness of product origins, and with an advertising campaign stressing that "this is being done to increase local food security for the future of Queensland", I believe consumers would opt to choose local products, I know I would.


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