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"Let´s go discover - let´s go farming" for schools and families

A few decades ago most of us had relatives being farmers or living in the contryside. But not anymore so most children have not got a chance of knowing how food is produced. It is really hard to know good and healthy ingredients if we dont know how things are produces. we have lost our long food history the last 40 years. Let go discover - lets go farming

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We have lost our knowledge about farming; we have lost our awareness of food. we have lost our long history about diversity and good food in the last decades.

In Denmark classes at different ages are going on camps - often in the bigger cities to get inspired. we should bring more camps into the countryside where children and student would get involved in agriculture and cooking.
They could also be a part of the local schools by taking part in classes, sport events, visit the home of their "friendship classmates" or or or
The outcome would create better connection between rural and urban areas - and make new friendships. Schools from the rural area could go the other way to visit their city - friendship class.

- knowledge about where the food is coming from
- hands on practical experience about agriculture
- friends and network in rural areas
- experiences which helps the learning process in eg biology.

Inspired by different post here at IDEO and by the penpal-concept where you learn about culture and lanquage by having a friend to write.

 People are moving away from the rural areas because farms is becoming bigger and bigger - but maybe it is possible with smaller farms that produce more diverse food articles and then have an income from organizing "let´s go farming"


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I know some schools in my country is already doing this. My previous department that I was working for planned a department off site in the rural area and I though it was very refreshing. I think City Planners should take into consideration spaces they could allocate to some sort of farming. My country did but it took several clever non-governmental individuals to make the project a reality.

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and we could add something about mindfullness, retreats and stress-reducing time - for privates and companies. Or making a concept for leader and employee training. "leading green" We need that indeed

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