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"Healthsumption" - Technology for Healthier Consumption, Increased Awareness and to Facilitate Traceability

Connect Urban Consumers and Local Producers to facilitate awareness and healthier consumption.

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This is building on the two concepts of creating an app to find out where produce is coming from and the idea about what certain types of food do to your body.

The concept is to create an app (web or phone) to allow people to select consumption goals for themselves. Consumption goal could mean - happy heart, healthy skin, etc. Application could recommend most used goals, etc to pre-populate a list of recommended goals.

Once a goal is selected, the app can figure out where and what to eat based on the following two sub-sections:
1. Recipes for cooking:
- Show nearby grocery stores that have local fresh produce to select from and which ones to buy from these stores
- Give consumer recipe details
- Ultimately make consumer aware of what this food preparation with fresh ingredients will do to his/her body thus achieving the goal that was used to get to this point.

2. Local restaurants:
- Show a list of nearby restaurants that use fresh local produce
- Show a list of entrees in these restaurants that are prepared using fresh produce
- Ultimately make consumer aware of what this entree would do to his/her body thus achieving the goal that was used to get to this point.

This method will make consumers more aware of where produce is coming from. Promote healthier eating - both at home and outside. Promote grocery stores to buy fresh produce and getting on the list on this app could be a require motivation. Promote restaurants to buy healthy produce and not compromise on produce quality to increase their profits.


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Thanks Meena. Lots of good ideas on this portal. Looking forward to further contribution.

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