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Food Calendar

A Calendar that shows seasonal products and recipes.

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A calendar to program your meals with recipes each month. The ingredients will be seasonal products shown in upper part of the Calendar. The calendars will be different dependingof the region to promote local products.

This Calendar could have an online application and phone App with more information about the ingredients and recipes.


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Me gusta mucho su idea! se puede poner en las cajas de cereales? O en donde mas lo pondría usted? en las agendas, transporte publico , etc...

Photo of Vincent Cheng people tend to plan their cooked meals out in advance? If so, sounds like this advanced recipe planning/shopping list could be a useful tool that automatically keeps you within the bounds of local food.

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Well, Yes. For example. My daughter takes lunch from home to school, so me and my wife have to plan her meals. Also many people in Colombia carry lunch from home to office or collage, so planning them makes it easier to cook and less boring.

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This idea of food related to the season is very important... very enjoyable.
Although giving recipes can be useful to some people. I personnaly feel it is more important to know how to get more flavour from simple food. Knowing how to prepare a fruit or vegetable is crucial and the fresh flavour is what I am looking for in a dish. The simpler the better.
For instance, when you cook broccoli, I boil it then use only the top shape to serve. The rest of "trunc" is mixed like a puree and served aside. Nothing is lost, and most of the flavour is contained in that puree. (no mixng of ingredient apart of a bit of salt and garlic, just preparing)

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Is the kind of recipes to have on the calendar. But because the space is limited, year after year can collect recipes and gradually increase the collection. And you are right, It can be useful to some people... like me

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I love the offering of appropriate seasonal recipes each month. I proposed an interactive local food mapping project and I think our concepts would be great together. You could click on a region to find out what's being produced locally, and where to go to buy it, and then to be able to connect to seasonal recipes would make great sense.


Photo of Alonso José Grillo


Of course that idea can be a useful tool to spread information about the products and recipes and you can link it to the calendar.

But the calendar basic idea is to have a low-tech application that can give us this basic information when I enter the kitchen and face to the question... what I'm going to make for dinner today? I have this problem every day, so if I have a guide of what to cook it will make my life easier, since I am not a good cook.

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It would be interesting to build on your idea of a calendar of what produce is in season with the mobile app and use your location to determine what is local where you happen to be.

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I like this idea to build on top of the calendar idea. Good stuff!