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Bogotá Urban farms

In Bogotá city when new housing developments are made, developers have to give up some land to the city. Why not use part of this area for Urban farming?

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In Bogotá city when new housing developments  are made, developers have to give up some land to the city, where parks are usually made. Why not use part of this area for Urban farming? This would give jobs to people from communities and bring agricultural production closer to urban consumption. Also it can be a educational place for developing activities for children.


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i really like this idea, especially for places like Colombia! I lived in Medelllin for a while and the idea of a community urban farm would work beautifully there, but that's very much because of the community-nature of the culture. my question is what cultural aspects and cross-sector collaborations would need to be considered to ensure implementation and success of urban farms?

LOVE the community development aspect as well and the reference to Colombia :) it reminds me of Project H's Learning Landscapes ( but with a gardening twist!

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Gracias por tus cometario. Como sabrás por haber vivido en Colombia, aquí las personas se apropian los espacios de una manera singular, por ejemplo en el Metro de Medellin y Transmilenio en Bogotá, la gente adquiere u n comportamiento diferente a los que tiene en otros espacios. Esta propuesta necesita no solo del apoyo y apropiación de la comunidad sino de otras partes interesadas para que sea un éxito, como instituciones educativas o secretarias de salud, desarrollo para que sean espacio productivos para la ciudad y de esta manera las personas le hallen valor y se apropien del concepto.

Thank you for your comet. As you know, having lived in Colombia, here people appropriate spaces in unique ways, for example in the Metro de Medellin and TransMilenio in Bogotá, people acquire a different behavior to which it has in other areas. This proposal needs, not only community support, but of other stakeholders to be a success like educational institutions or City offices of health and development to be a productive space for the city, so people will find value in the concept and will we committed to it.
best regards

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