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This Big Picture is missing pieces. What will you contribute?

A global interactive jigsaw puzzle that is updated live online, with puzzle pieces sourced from digital/physical contributions.

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A main website of an interactive puzzle with missing pieces is established and marketed. Users submit a digital puzzle piece online, or at in-person events. Either input will update the website/large monitor with users' idea, which can be seen immediately. They feel a sense that they literally just contributed to a "Big Picture." These pieces can be zoomed in and explored. The puzzle image changes dynamically. The campaign ends with what the majority of people are talking about.

Please share a link to your portfolio I'm most proud of my recent viral article, "Why Typography Matters—Especially At The Oscars" ( which educated millions around the world on the importance of Typography.

Why do you want to be OpenIDEO's Visual and User Experience Designer?

From being a photographer to a web designer to a writer to a video producer, no challenge has ever been too big for me. I have a diverse and global background; I have seen and can see through different points of views; and I've learned that combining these elements elevates any project. I think being a Visual and User Experience Designer for openIDEO would give me the global platform I'm naturally attracted to so that my contributions and work will have a larger impact on the world.

How many years of experience do you have?

  • More than 5 years of experience

How did you hear about this challenge?

A friend of mine introduced me to openIDEO. I then saw this challenge, and I love a good challenge.

What did you learn when developing the deliverables in response to the design brief?

I learned it's very fun when you allow open-ended ideas to develop, but on the other hand, some constraints on the design brief would've helped narrow down the vision for the project. Add in an imaginary budget and sponsors, and that would've helped produce a clearer solution.

Evaluation results

6 evaluations so far

1. Does the designer appeal to a global audience?

The designer speaks to diverse audiences - 33.3%

It's hard to tell - 50%

The design doesn't appeal to a global audience - 16.7%

2. After viewing this designer’s deliverables and portfolio you would:

I love it. I’ll share it with my social networks - 16.7%

It’s ok. I’ll give it a like - 33.3%

I don’t like it. I’ll close the tab - 50%


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What a fabulous piece of content on a global interactive jigsaw puzzle which is updated live online, with puzzle pieces obtained from digital offerings.

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Such an interesting subject of this post. I like to read this post about This Big Picture is missing pieces. What will you contribute. Keep it up.

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The picture in a missing piece is a big idea for scoping the blogs. A blog can be a perfect way to establish something new. With the help of blogs, work would be done in an easy way. This blog in real sense is a best and creative blog.

Photo of Glenn Mikasa

An interesting concept for providing status of an idea.

Photo of Luisa Fernanda

Great work at creating a very simple and playful concept that is strong at conveying the message visually. The puzzle idea is so straight forward my hunch is people world wide will get it. Kuddos.

Photo of benjamin bannister

Thank you for your kind words, Luisa. It's like you read my mind and intuitively understood it!

Photo of Kathleen

Have you ever used the app HaikuJam? It is a social media app with real interaction, 3 people around the globe create haikus together. Like a digital Exquisite Corpse. Where do you see the idea you have created going after getting all the input?

Photo of benjamin bannister

I have not heard of HaikuJam. It looks interesting for haiku writers to collaborate on.

For the future of my idea, it could be considered act one. We start the conversation to see what topics people care for and talk about, and we would build on that for a future campaign.

Photo of Linda Harasim

As someone who has been involved in theory, r&d, and software development of online collaboration for over 30 years, I see some interesting potential in Benjamin's proposal. The upside is the possibility to identify different stages or aspects of knowledge building and collaboration. The downside is that the puzzle metaphor does does easily visualize growth and advancement. But it has potential...keep working on it and congratulations for understanding that communication and collaboration involve various activities and phases.

Photo of John Rim

Love the combination of visualizing digital and analog efforts in one. Sweet concept.