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An interactive splash page that provides an exploration-based UI that helps a person find and discover local "fireside" social meet-ups.

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This is a splash page/interactive web poster. When a visitor navigates to a project, they will be able to immediately interact with fellow designers or participants. Using this interactive poster, new people can find others to connect with quickly and without hassle. The core ideology behind this feature is to establish a grass-roots community, where it is simple to discover and access community members. The poster can funnel in new users as well as be a tool to reach out for local growth

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Why do you want to be OpenIDEO's Visual and User Experience Designer?

I'm a graduate student in Digital Media at the U of Madison, WI. Soon I leave to finish my degree in California at the U of Irvine. I have worked every type of job and have done my fair share of multicultural traveling. Of my travels, and in my experiences, I have a hunger for design. Not just because it's some challenge in making something, but because it can shape the future. It can be the chalk that passes from hand to hand (Hidden Figures). I am moving always onward, to design for change.

How many years of experience do you have?

  • Between 3 - 5 years of experience

How did you hear about this challenge?

I have been checking in on OpenIDEO's website from time to time, and noticed this opportunity.

What did you learn when developing the deliverables in response to the design brief?

I learned a new way to organize a project (inspired by Erika). From her work, I learned how to frame the steps into a journey, and make the initial work help flesh out later ideas. I dived into the OpenIDEO website, and checked out the "chapter" experience. This helped me think about what I wanted to design. I also challenged my own artistry skills, making some of my most beautiful peeples. Finally, this was my first submission like this, so I was pleased to get experience with this format.

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Photo of Luisa Fernanda

I really like how you have focused your concept on listening and conversation. Design wise, I see a theme from your portfolio to your submission: colors and illustrations make your design language fun and approachable. As you continue on your path it might be interesting to play with new and radical design styles to showcase your versatility and adaptability to different brands. I love the approachability of this style, though it feels a bit too playful to fit the OpenIDEO brand. Great work! I can see how much effort you have put in,; with only a day to work on this, it's pretty impressive what you have submitted. Kuddos.

Photo of Nicholas Persa

Thank you for the feedback. I will take the "new and radical" concept to heart. On my future designs, I will see what I can find to inspire my work to reach different styles and voices.


your poster tells a lot. if your friend listens that means more people are likely listening too.

Photo of Kenneth Fernandez

Great idea! I like how you emphasize the importance of meeting up with fellow designers and participants who are in close proximity to each other. I enjoyed your lighthearted avatar illustrations. Well done!

I wonder how you might encourage fellow designers and participants to meet up and interact with others who are not designers or do not share as many common interests. This might spark more diverse multidisciplinary conversations.

Photo of Nicholas Persa

Thank you for the feedback :)

Photo of Erika Díaz Gómez

Dear Nicholas, I love your idea! When going through my process I realised there's a huge opportunity in the field of strengthen the community. In my point of view, that will definitely bring more applicants and will add a new layer of interest for collaborators. Very nice job! and adorable illustrations :)

Photo of Nicholas Persa

Thank you so much! I had a blast making the submission. I came late into this project (only had a day), but I really liked the focused challenge and short timeframe to get a deliverable proposed--what a rush!