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Billy | Designing mechanisms of experiencing inclusiveness.

Aesthetics is a survival mechanism, a universal language. Its co-mastery as an Art can unite all humanity & this has become my life purpose.

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CHALLENGE DEMO: Got inspired by a mantra for our INCLUSION CHALLENGE brief. Will you? "We are the children of this universe. We can help change the world now in a way more powerfully than you/I may have imagined. Brothers and sisters of all colors, holding hands around the planet like the fingers of one hand, I reflect on this prayers and meditation. Thank you creator for the feelings of oneness shared now in the hearts and minds of all of us and in all forms including mother Earth herself."

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Why do you want to be OpenIDEO's Visual and User Experience Designer?

Hi all, my Greek name is Vassilis but u can call me Billy (Vassilis sounds like Greek to me). As Social Innovation is the field of my expertise, my research is based on collaborative education & development by designing frameworks of experiencing inclusiveness. As a Cultural Engineer with a background in Art Directing & User Experience Design, I have done a big research on systems of intelligence, especially on virtual infrastructures (platforms), focused on fostering innovation collaboratively

How many years of experience do you have?

  • More than 5 years of experience

How did you hear about this challenge?

I am an "OpenIDEO Rising Collaborator" :) the answer is from OpenIDEO newsletter.

What did you learn when developing the deliverables in response to the design brief?

I believe that everything happens for a reason. In a few sentences I also presented you myself more or less for this brief. From developing any kind of synthesis I am trying to expand a bit more inwards and explore deep aspects of myself. Passive expansion is the most ancient proven strategy as the way to experience inclusiveness, which is like the holy grail of all kind of experiences (Kriya yoga). Fingers crossed! :)


CV: Billy_(Vasileios)_Korompilias_CV.pdf


Demo of the framework of my latest development; a game and a study on ancient frameworks based on the latest Quantum Hologram theory and the use of Remote Viewing methodologies for Divergent Thinking and Social & Collective Innovation (All that :P ): IC_UNITY_PrototypeFramework.pdf

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Thanks for sharing your journey with our community.

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Hi Billy! I found your posters very nice!
I would like to know more about the concept behind them, maybe you can tell us more about that?
Nice job!

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Thank you Erika,
that's very nice of you! I am really glad you like it :)

To begin with, I love playing with linguistics. If you think about it, they are the last veil we can play with when it comes to design and our own existence. With that being said, after I saw the fictional design brief we've been assigned to, I fell in love with the words diversity and inclusion. They matched perfectly with my hobby to study ancient philosophy :) They write all kind of wonderful things about these two principles there!

So after I decided to give my imaginary challenge a proper name (The Inclusion Challenge) it took me to the two different directions that you can see here.

- The Girl with the Globe
- & The Globe with Everybody :)

If you want to imagine Inclusiveness, I think these are the two ways to do it. The one as a way in and the other from the way out. My choice was to keep a duality in my application.

With that being said they both respected, while I was making them, the language (brand elements) which IDEO has chosen as the current most proper way to communicate. That didn't just came like following guidelines, it was more like "this feels right" acknowledgement. All the colors, the fonts and the simplicity.

What comes from applications with these kind of elements is a clear feeling of freshness when approaching a new experience.

The mechanisms behind it are more than enough to make me fill lots of comments like this one (I remain open to a nice chat about aesthetics any time! ) but to close this and make you clearly know why I came up with these two posters, I chose a PHOTO of a woman/girl with the globe to give a message of inclusion and make you feel at home, and from the other hand I saw how nicely the whole idea could and would be shown by a more playful illustration...

and this is how it came to me. :)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about it! <3

Photo of Billy Korompilias

P.s. The mantra I mention in my brief is from an "interfaith dialogues" event I had the luck to attend to in the UK two years ago. People from all over Europe and from all kind of different cultures and faiths, we stood up around each other in a big conference room and read out loud a piece of paper writing these words on it. It was really something! :)