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Because even a crazy half-baked idea might just save humanity

iMessage sticker pack to inspire participation.

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Why do you want to be OpenIDEO's Visual and User Experience Designer?

Having designed for companies that couldn't be more uncaring and opportunistic, I'm at a point where I'm compelled to give back. I have great admiration for IDEO and their creative, crazy-smart people. I've also been fascinated to see the successes of the OpenIDEO concept and its crowdsourcing platform, and I'd like to experience it from the inside. I'm ending a contract soon and would love to achieve my bucket list dreams of being an IDEOer and truly designing for the betterment of humanity.

How many years of experience do you have?

  • More than 5 years of experience

How did you hear about this challenge?

O/I email campaign

What did you learn when developing the deliverables in response to the design brief?

My intent was to do a poster, and my explorations began in a playful vein. But, as I iterated, the design became asceptic and moody (see images). I was stuck on the phrase "Because even a crazy half-baked idea might just save humanity," as it's a compelling hook — you don't have to be a great mind to affect great change. And it's this phrase that drew me back to my original illustrations, and from there, stickers! Sometimes the journey is about building confidence in the original spark.

Evaluation results

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1. Does the designer appeal to a global audience?

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The design doesn't appeal to a global audience - 0%

2. After viewing this designer’s deliverables and portfolio you would:

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What about real life stickers? Was how Reddit got its beginning..

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James McBennett I thought about decals and buttons and even patches. Those are very much still options, but apart from distribution concerns, life is so digitally-focused... and I can see a more immediate win with something trendy like the iMessage stickers. That said, I definitely approve of anything coming out of OpenIDEO decorating the lids of laptops!

Photo of James McBennett

and Snapchat filters to add to your digital kit of tools.

I think from a promotion perspective, one should try to be where the crowd is and other things competing for people's attention haven't yet found. Similarly, if things competing for attention have moved on from something, but there is still a crowd behind, that is also a great opportunity. Not a lot of competition for the manual stickers and they are not as expensive as you think compared to social media ad buys. Facebook isn't free for advertisers.

Photo of Jim

I can’t argue with what you’re proposing. Although, with anything physical, whether stickers or additively-manufactured action figures of Tim Brown, there’s a problem with intentionality and conveyance.

Like, I believe you and I would go ape-crackers for O/I swag. But we’re already familiar with and fans of O/I, and we’d likely expect to obtain this loot from O/I directly. However, in terms of recruitment of O/I-virgins, where would they encounter said loot and would the “message” be tacit enough to drive participation?

Then again, perhaps volunteering to run a table at the Service Design Network Conference, handing out “I’m a hero!” O/I koozies would be the most incredibly impactful thing ever. Just perhaps…

Personally, I’m holding out for the black velvet poster of Don Norman and Bill Moggridge arm wrestling under a banner held by cherubs that reads, "Designers are made, not born".

All due respects, most sadly.

Photo of James McBennett

Could ask people to propose an app to OpenIDEO challenge by acting behind this large iPhone board Then give them a photo sticker of them doing that with OpenIDEO logo on the layer in front.

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