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Dear idea, lets see where you go!

An interactive web concept that invites a visitor to share an idea and follow it's journey towards helping the world.

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“Dear Idea” is an interactive website that invites a visitor to share an idea, and then see where it can go after a night @ OpenIdeo. I wanted to show that all big ideas can start small and anywhere. The idea was inspired by a website I saw that showed the transformation of a coffee bean on scroll. I wanted to play around with what could happen with an idea. :) For now, this is a UX concept. Hoping to fine tune and learn more about animation and illustration to communicate it even better.

Please share a link to your portfolio I'm working on product and internal systems/tools at these places!

Why do you want to be OpenIDEO's Visual and User Experience Designer?

I think Ideo sees design as multifaceted solutions to world problems. I'm interested in the evolving landscape of design as designers need to take into account psychology and culture, and are using tools to create experiences in virtual reality, interactive design, AI. I have been practicing circular design, and I'm interested in contributing and learning about what's coming next that will make user experiences enjoyable and lessens the technology gaps we are seeing around the world.

How many years of experience do you have?

  • Between 3 - 5 years of experience

How did you hear about this challenge?

I heard about this challenge after I read about an Ideo education case study in San Francisco that I really liked. I reached out to the Ideo team because I wanted to bring it to New York. An Ideo member emailed me back and introduced me to Ideo challenges. (Thank you, Caryn!)

What did you learn when developing the deliverables in response to the design brief?

I feel like I did a lot of research on what makes people fall in love (haha). I wondered what was the best way to get someone invested in Open Ideo without much effort on their end. I found that interactiveness and animation was the best way to convey what I wanted, however it's still new to me and I want to continue learning. This project was really fun for me to do because I learned new software and ways to communicate through animation, and I can see it being applicable to many fields.

Evaluation results

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1. Does the designer appeal to a global audience?

The designer speaks to diverse audiences - 50%

It's hard to tell - 40%

The design doesn't appeal to a global audience - 10%

2. After viewing this designer’s deliverables and portfolio you would:

I love it. I’ll share it with my social networks - 40%

It’s ok. I’ll give it a like - 40%

I don’t like it. I’ll close the tab - 20%

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I like this idea, being able to follow or connect to an idea in a different way. Maybe you could see and connect with all the people contributing to a project, or be able to add them as friends for later social events.