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Fresh Food, Fresh Perspectives

Instigating dialogue and interaction between the Rotterdam community and the stigmatized "hangjongeren" through market fresh produce.

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Why do you want to be OpenIDEO's Visual and User Experience Designer?

My journey as a designer has been all over the map. I have taken up many hats in my career as a designer ranging from; product designer, interaction designer, design researcher, and strategic designer. This is why I want to be at OpenIDEO, I know it is for the position of Visual/UX designer but I don't believe that is what Open IDEO wants. I believe that the people that make up OpenIDEO don't simply fit "one hat" but rather have the experience and flexibility to wear multiple. That is who I am.

How many years of experience do you have?

  • Between 3 - 5 years of experience

How did you hear about this challenge?

I heard about this challenge 1) from IDEO's newsletter and 2) from my friend Lisanne de Bakker, who in her words "pictured me applying for this position".

What did you learn when developing the deliverables in response to the design brief?

While developing the deliverables for this challenge I believe I learned two things, 1) taking the risk by not specifically answering the brief directly, and 2) not only keep the human aspect central to the design but as well as to all the factors that affect that human aspect.

I realize that the task of the challenge was to develop an "engaging and exciting way to activate people from all over the world to participate in Open IDEO's ‘upcoming’ fictional Inclusion Challenge". 

However, I believe in giving you, Open IDEO, a clear image of how I think and work as a designer. I decided to submit a business service concept that revolves around the fictional context in fostering dialogue and connections between people of diverse backgrounds, in this case within the context of Rotterdam.

The service I present is "Market Box". Market Box is a Rotterdam focused fresh produce delivery service that gives "hangjongeren"(loitering troubled youth) professional experience/responsibility while subtly changing the Rotterdam community's perspective of them.  The focus of this service revolves around two key components; 1) the "hangjongeren" of Rotterdam and 2) the Rotterdam Market.

The "hangjongeren" face a contradiction. The Dutch community views these individuals as being troublesome, lazy, dangerous, and as an eyesore on the street. However, the "hangjongeren" see themselves as full of ambition and the willingness to be taken seriously as a contributing individual to the community. What results is these "hangjongeren" get rejected from internship/job opportunities based solely upon their external image that they portray until they usually end up as delivery scooter boys of junk food such as pizza, doner, fried you name it etc. Linking the community's image of "hangjongeren" with food that is not the best for you healthwise.

The Rotterdam Market occurs every Saturday and provides the community with a bountiful choice of fresh produce. This produce comes at a much lower price than what can be found in supermarkets giving the market its appeal as a weekly routine for Rotterdam's community. However, although the appeal of the market is alluring, individuals fail to make the journey every week due to prior engagements/ scheduling as well as being simply unable to go for a number of factors, such as the elderly for example.

Market Box thus seeks to be able to bring the market to people's doorstep all over Rotterdam while providing an opportunity for these "hangjongeren" to subtly shift how the community views and stigmatizes them.

How it works:

Market Box will be available as a digital service both on mobile and web applications. 

  1.  The individual makes their account/logs in via the web or the Market Box app.
  2.  The individual places their order based in kilo per produce i.e 1kilo of granny apples, 3 kilos bananas etc.
  3.  The individual then selects a Saturday and time that they want their fresh produce to be delivered to their doorstep.
  4.  The Market Box "hangjongeren" deliveryman goes to the market and purchases the order on the same day of delivery.
  5.  The Market Box "hangjongeren" deliveryman then delivers the fresh produce order to the doorstep of the individual at the designated time period.

How every order makes a difference:

  1.  Market Box keeps the money in the Rotterdam Market. We aren't looking to compete with the market by working with external partners or with select vendors in the market. All the contents of the order are pruchased from the market with no bias.
  2. We give the "hangjongeren" of Rotterdam the responsibility to manage the purchasing of the fresh produce as well it's delivery to customers. Making them the owner of Market Box's success.
  3. Market Box puts the "personal" into personal delivery. The delivery person isn't the individual who has made your order in other food delivery services such as "foodora, deliveroo, and thuisbezorgd" and usually simply just delivers the food to your doorstep. At Market Box, the delivery individual is also handpicking every order's produce from the market the day of delivery, making the responsibility of caring for each order transparent.
  4. By having Rotterdam's "hangjongeren" deliver fresh produce that they handpick from the market to people's doorstep, Market Box enables these "hangjongeren" to be viewed in another light. One where they are not linked to either junk food or as a troublesome eyesore on the streets but rather as a contributing responsible member of the Rotterdam community.


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