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Kids Boost Immunity

KBI inspires learning by connecting school curriculum to global citizenship.

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Describe what you intend to do and how you'll do it in one to two sentences (required 350 Characters)

KBI aims to raise literacy about vaccination through schools by allowing kids to earn vaccines for other children globally. We would like to export the KBI model pilot in a a low/middle income country where kids in urban internet connected settings could learn about vaccination and earn vaccines for other children in the same country.

Explain the innovation (2,500 characters)

The re-emergence of diseases like measles in many countries around the world are a result of a combination of factors that include complacency and the proliferation of misinformation on the internet. KBI is a digital learning platform for schools designed to combat misinformation through a series of online lessons/quizzes aligned to science and social studies curriculums. For each quiz a student answers correctly, (>80%), they earn a vaccine for another child through UNICEF. Students use their own personal or school internet connected devices to learn about vaccination. Initially developed and launched for Canadian students in grades 4-12 in 2018, KBI is currently operating in 200 schools in Canada and set to pilot in Scottish schools in September 2019. KBI also recently registered its first school outside of Canada in Bangkok, Thailand. This prompted administrators to explore the possibility of exporting the KBI model to a low/middle income country. Our idea centers around piloting KBI in internet connected urban school settings in Thailand that will allow kids to earn vaccines for children in remote areas in Thailand. These vaccines would be directed for domestic use through an NGO working in the country (e.g. UNICEF/WHO), in cooperation with local authorities. KBI and proven to significantly raise literacy, support for immunization and decrease anxiety among children in Canada. Funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada, KBI's 35+ lessons can be utilized in primarily 3 different ways: teacher-led, taught in conjunction with a provider prior to vaccination day or self directed by students. We propose a pilot in 10 schools in areas in Thailand with low immunization rates to increase knowledge & awareness about the importance of vaccination to protect communities from disease. Increased literacy in science and global issues will manifest in accelerating immunization coverage in urban areas, change social norms as well as immunize kids in other parts of Thailand.

Which part(s) of the world does this innovation target?

  • South-eastern Asia

Geographic Focus

KBI codebase has been built to scale in any country in the world. For this application, we are choosing Thailand because we have a school using the platform already. We are in discussions with UNICEF currently that may result in other settings.

Stage of Innovation

  • Pilot

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

We will need to approach local or provincial health and education authorities to set up a pilot in up to 10 Thailand schools. In addition, we will approach UNICEF Thailand as well as other NGOs such as the WHO and Gavi to discuss vaccine logistics and distribution in the country. This approach has worked in Canada and currently we are negotiating with the NHS, and Education Scotland to expand KBI to Scotland for the 2019/2020 school year.

How is your idea unique? (750 characters)

Kids Boost Immunity represents a novel approach to vaccine advocacy by connecting school education directly to global disease prevention. The result: a force multiplier effect where students can act both locally and globally at the same time. By earning vaccines through their own learning, KBI's elegant use of social innovation lay in its ability to empower students with real agency to positively affect the lives of children around the world. Indeed, from our literature searches and evaluation thus far, including presenting at the WHO in Geneva in 2018, KBI's innovative use of digital technology to serve the 'greater good' is unique in the world at this time. The next step in KBI's evolution is to expand to settings in the Global South.

What is the name of your organization

KBI is administered through the Public Health Association of British Columbia and coordinated through the BC Centre for Disease Control.

Explain your organization (250 characters)

The Public Health Association of BC (PHABC) is a voluntary, non-profit, non-government, member driven organization that provides leadership to promote health, well-being and social equity. KBI fits well within our mission to serve the 'greater good.'

Type of Submitter

  • We are a registered NGO or Non-Profit Organization

Organizational Characteristics

  • Community-led organization (CBO)

Gender and Diversity (500 characters)

PHABC practices and promotes gender equity throughout all of its programs, including Kids Boost Immunity. KBI's staff and contractors are made up of 6 women and four men.

Organization Location (less than 250 Characters)

Our team is based in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Size of organization (number of employees):

  • 6-20 people

Website URL

Scale of organizational work

  • Regional (reach within 1 geographic region)

Tell us more about you

Our team is comprised of approximately 10 staff and contractors in various disciplines across the health and education sector. We partner with the BC Centre for Disease Control to coordinate the operational aspects of KBI and have worked extensively with a Vancouver based we developer, Affinity Bridge over the past several years to create and maintain the KBI codebase. Kids Boost Immunity is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the British Columbia Ministry of Health. Additional funding to purchase vaccines for UNICEF is provided through private and public partnerships that include Pacific Blue Cross, Sanofi Pasteur and Pfizer.

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