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VIR Band+ Intervention: Vaccine Indicator and Reminder (VIR) system for increased immunization coverage, timeliness and completion

VIR band, evaluated in Nigeria and Pakistan, provides active visual cue to action to parents for timely completion of immunization schedule.

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VIR band+ intervention is multipronged: i) use community health workers to reach infant close at birth for vaccination initiation, ii) provide VIR band to serve as active visual cue to action for parents of vaccination due dates, and iii) utilize public private partnerships for zero missed opportunities for timely completion of routine immunization

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Despite improvements in vaccine coverage over the past decade, globally 18.7 million children, one in every five, remain unvaccinated and over 2 million children die from vaccine-preventable diseases annually. Similarly, Pakistan is no exception, and immunization rates reflect abysmal rates of coverage, with only 43% of children complete vaccinations up to the first dose of measles. The VIR band intervention will benefit under the age of two children by reaching every child and providing parents/caregivers visual cues to action for timely and complete immunizations to reduce mortality and morbidity caused by infectious diseases. The intervention will enhance immunization program efficiency by maximizing utilization. It will benefit families and health care system by saving costs from healthcare seeking expenditure and prevent loss of national GDP due to disability and failure of the new generation to reach cognitive potential. The VIR band is an innovative device that has been undergone rigorous testing for safety, performance, accuracy and parental compliance. It is tied to child's ankle after they receive their vaccines and serves to provides a persistent visual cue for caregivers to vaccinate their children in a timely and complete manner. The VIR band is a silicon anklet consisting of three main parts; 1) silicon band, 2) encased “Timestrip” indicator and 3) one-time locking button. The silicone band is FDA approved and has an embossed unique identification number that is used to connect the child to his/her digital records stored in a computer and cloud database. VIR is equipped with 'Timestrip', which when activated changes color by red ink moving along a white membrane at a time-controlled rate thus showing time elapse since last vaccine received. The red ink is a natural dye in vegetable oil and safe for humans even if ingested. The VIR band has been evaluated in Nigeria (rural areas) and Pakistan (urban slums) and has demonstrated very high parental acceptance and compliance. The innovation is also well received by health policymakers in both countries and by international development organizations for scale-up. The VIR band intervention will target urban slums and internally displace populations living in Karachi who live under the radar out of reach of healthcare system. The limited education and resources available in these communities put them at risk of not seeking healthcare which the intervention will address by reaching out.

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  • North Africa
  • Eastern Africa
  • Middle Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • Western Africa
  • Central Asia
  • Eastern Asia
  • South-eastern Asia
  • Southern Asia
  • Western Asia

Geographic Focus

VIR band evaluation in two continents and presented globally at research and policy forums support the introduction of innovative intervention for early adoption and scale up within all countries with dismal immunization coverage and timeliness indicators especially the LMICs of Africa and Asia.

Stage of Innovation

  • Early Adaption

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During the VIR band proof of concept and formative evaluation study, we partnered with national and provincial health departments and Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI). In the upcoming phase of early adoption, we will leverage our relations with entities mentioned above to deliver the intervention through outreach system of various cadres of community health workers, birth attendants (trained and traditional), EPI fixed and outreach staff and private healthcare providers active in the communities. To have a sustained impact, we will engage civil society organizations, faith-based, social welfare and educational institutions. Influencers, youth and women from the community will also be engaged to strengthen the delivery of our programmatic messages, promote uptake of the VIR band and dispel misinformation and mistrust regarding vaccine and related programs. Through our waste network, we will be able to access and serve hard to reach, marginalized and mobile populations.

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VIR band leverages low cost tech which has the ability to gives active and timely visual cue to caregivers of the vaccine due time. SMS vaccination reminders depend on mobile phone ownership thus by default excludes parents who don’t have access to a device. In LMIC most cell phone accounts are pre-paid, and parents on average for 3-4 months don’t have funds to keep their accounts active. Low connectivity/coverage and interrupted electricity further reduce effectiveness of SMS. Other wearable reminder bands use symbols and beads which don't provide active visuals to caregivers where as VIR band has built in time indicator. VIR band has are no electronic components thus acceptable to mobile populations who fear being tracked by authorities.

What is the name of your organization

Precision Health Consultants (PHC) Global

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A group of like-minded professionals founded PHC Global with the intent of creating a space enabling innovations for improving lives by transforming healthcare. VIR band draws from our core values to introduce low-cost, high impact tech to save lives

Type of Submitter

  • We are a For-Profit Startup or Startup Social Enterprise

Organizational Characteristics

  • Female-led organization
  • Women’s health/rights focused organization
  • Indigenous-led organization
  • Displaced person / refugee-led organization
  • Community-led organization (CBO)

Gender and Diversity (500 characters)

PHC Global is a female-led gender sensitive organization and is an equal opportunity employer. Beneficiaries of our development programs and research studies are mostly women and young girls. We have worked towards empowering women by equipping them with knowledge and skills to seek health care, education and achieve economic empowerment. We particularly encourage female applicants to compete for vacant positions and have devised a gender-sensitive scoring system for selection.

Organization Location (less than 250 Characters)

PHC Global is headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan with extensive reach throughout the country through partnerships with local NGOs/public sector. We are registered with Security Exchange Commission (SECP) and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) of Pakistan

Size of organization (number of employees):

  • 6-20 people

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  • National (expansive reach within one country)

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The VIR band team consists of trained researchers, operational experts and supportive field staff of energetic and dedicated young men and women. The team leadership has well-known track record of working for almost two decades in immunization programs in Pakistan and globally. The VIR band team has built strong connections with program stakeholders and are a household name in the communities it has served. The organization will be the focal point in intervention implementation and advocacy.

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Noor Rakshani

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"Dr. Rakhshani is the innovator of the VIR band and recipient of the Grand Challenges Exploration award and 3ie VIR Band Formative Evaluation (Nigeria and Pakistan) grant. She is a trained physician and received DrPH from Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dr. Rakhshani's experience of working in the underprivileged communities drove her to champion innovations which cater for needs of the population through innovations in service delivery and excellence in public health research."

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