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Striking promotion and economic upgrading

immunization solutions with the right approach & promotion as well as improving economic levels

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Describe what you intend to do and how you'll do it in one to two sentences (required 350 Characters)

Striking promotion to invites immunization and interrelated economic improvements. when the community needs an economic improvement solution at the same time it also calls for immunization. This can also improve other program socialization.

Explain the innovation (2,500 characters)

1. Striking promotion a. Most developing countries want to look cool. As an example of cigarettes which are actually unpleasant but have many enthusiasts, with a little invitation, cigarette advertisements featuring smokers who look cool make smokers more and more massively spread. b. Most developing countries want to look rich. Congo dandies prefers to look rich, rich in style rather than taking care of other problems. Most people in developing countries also want to look smart, look great, look superior and basically want to look more than others. Children as soul mates, pride and hopes of their parents, by promoting in a different way than before who saw the negative effects of not vaccinating, promotion by seeing children who become great, cool, rich, smart and more than others will be more effective. With a little invitation parents will want to vaccinate their children on time. Enough to know what exactly is great, rich, cool, smart and looks more on the area. This is not a lie, but a fun way to invite, at least rather than seeing the negative effects they will tend to avoid and ignore it. For example: 1. The dangers of cigarettes are always rejected 2. Non-compliance in style, posting & commenting on the internet and labeling themselves will not be followed even against the idea of freedom of expression. Application by using negative effects or showing negative effects if vaccination is not effective, they will not be indifferent, do not want vaccines or vaccines to be incomplete. 2. Economic upgrading Better Economy, Customer Centricity, Better Network to small business concerns In the digital technology there are currently many types of businesses that can be carried out both in the service and production sectors. With the development of technology many SMEs are developing and many customers can be fostered into start-ups or SMEs. From B2C can be built into B2B. This will increase the interaction of SME (small business concerns) with customers, enhance it cooperation with customers, improve the B2C (business to consumer) market and improve its economic capabilities. Besides this SME controls all business sectors and gets a share of the results of its business collaboration, the SME also controls all sales of goods and services from the business. Interest-free loans, cooperation assistance and business counseling make SME closer to customers. increased and expanding cooperation at the time that would improve it network.

Which part(s) of the world does this innovation target?

  • North Africa
  • Eastern Africa
  • Middle Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • Western Africa
  • Central Asia
  • Eastern Asia
  • South-eastern Asia
  • Southern Asia
  • Western Asia

Geographic Focus

Developing area in Asia and Africa

Stage of Innovation

  • Prototype

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

The solution is derived from observing the habits of most community groups. striking promotion is a promotion method that focuses on people's interest in something and makes immunization as the subject makes it easy to apply. by making the sme as the basis for improving the community's economy, at the same time promoting the importance of immunization. this method will improve the community economy while increasing sensitivity to immunization. we are ready to work with other parties to apply it.

How is your idea unique? (750 characters)

Provide a different promotional approach and are close to the solution to improving the economy so that this method is very intense in inviting and supervising immunization and can possible to accommodate other programs. striking promotion is a promotion method that focuses on people's interest in something and makes immunization as the subject makes it easy to apply. by making the sme as the basis for improving the community's economy, at the same time promoting the importance of immunization.

What is the name of your organization

Logam Energy

Type of Submitter

  • We are a For-Profit Startup or Startup Social Enterprise

Organizational Characteristics

  • Consultant company and technology transfer agency.

Organization Location (less than 250 Characters)

Siti Manggopoh street No1 Padangpanjang. West Sumatra. Indonesia

Size of organization (number of employees):

  • Less than 5 people

Scale of organizational work

  • Regional (reach within 1 geographic region)

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Hi Ridho Fermana Kusuma 
As the challenge is coming to a close, please make sure you have answered all the questions in the Public and the Privately Submitted section.

A few general pointers you should check for in your final submission:
[1] How your innovation solves the challenge problem?
[2] Working of your prototype and its pilot stage?
[3] Does the solution fit in the highly mobile urban settings and how it can prove to be low cost?
[4] How the solution caters to the gender equity by having an inclusive approach?
[5] About your team and your working relation with your partners?

The submission deadline is 5pm PST on Wednesday April 10th/ 1:00am CET on Thursday April 11th.
Feel free to make the necessary changes to your application and hit the submit button before the deadline.

All the best!
OpenIDEO Community Team

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