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Impactful Vaccine Data serving women and children’s health in Congo.

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ATHARI STATS is sub-product of STATS CONGO, where the first aims to be the leading centralized database for vaccine uptakes and prevalence in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC). This innovative platform, aims to break the silos of active organizations and healthcare providers at the community level, vaccinating those in most need of care.

Explain the innovation (2,500 characters)

Customer journey map: local or community organization representative (user 1) logs into (website to be created) - uploads their project data output - dashboard generates report (real time) - user has the option to invite social network or partners (marketing/referral strategy for us) to view results OR; *upload* file option - User has the option to consent to us using their data for our vaccine marketplace of population health data which will be shared with funders/researchers/policymakers. Innovation: Creation of real time data analytics - the more data, the greater our future prediction of our data marketplace trends and automation will be for vaccines in the Congo (DRC). In 2018, STATS CONGO was the recipient of a grant (CAD $70K), whereby we partnered with Panzi foundation in Bukavu (DRC) to pilot the idea of digitizing paper-based medical records into a centralized database. Within six months, over 1,500 electronic health records were captured, analyzed, and currently in the process of being published. Since then, we made on Forbes 30 Under 30, our social venture is being used at the University of Liverpool as a case study, and we are pivoting the current STATS CONGO structure to make our efforts more sustainable, to maximize impact. Ongoing medical records are being captured, and our numbers show that children under 5, large sample being girls, continue to face barrier accessing vaccines. Thus making them vulnerable to child mortality. ATHARI.STATS is a sub-product of STATS CONGO. ATHARI.STATS is an online platform, that aims to gather all vaccines uptakes, by collecting data from local health organizations, that are operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). To collate a list of organizations that are positively impacting Congo’s development in vaccines distribution, and build a content management system to store the information in a way that’s accessible to the public from our website. While, generating curating data outputs for paying clients through a secured log in system. We want to partner with organizations delivering vaccines to children, newborns, and mothers, by encouraging them to upload their outputs on our online ATHARI.STATS platform, so that we can analyze and predict future vaccine trends in the DRC. To inform businesses, public sector, government, nonprofit organizations, and academics, operating within the scope of vaccines. We would like to build a minimal viable product ATHARI STATS.

Which part(s) of the world does this innovation target?

  • Middle Africa

Geographic Focus

Kinshasa and Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Stage of Innovation

  • Pilot

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ATHARI.STATS is a creation of a centralized database, that captures, stored, analyzes and predicts trends of vaccine recipients health outcomes. By centralizing and analyzing data in real time, breaking the silos of organizations already playing an active role in communities in Kinshasa. Thus creating a data marketplace for future automation, and making informative predictions for businesses and governments wanting to mitigate the gap of vaccine access and utilization in the Congolese market. To strengthen our database, we need population health data from active organizations delivering public healthcare (vaccine) services to our key demographics. Various incentives will be given to organizations sharing their data with us, in a form of informal partnership, not monetary. Our success with our current leading project STATS CONGO, gives us leverage to continue to forge and foster existing relationships with active organizations in Kinshasa (target urban city), delivering vaccines.

How is your idea unique? (750 characters)

Geographically the idea is novice. This is a software/online platform. If successful within the Congo, we aim to open it up to other emerging markets. Based on our google search, and community assessment in Congo, there is no other social enterprise aiming to create a tool like ours. Currently, the collection of health records or program interventions outcomes is done by short term intervention researchers who don’t make continuous use of the collected data past the grant period. Local hospitals with poor infrastructure, and low human and capital capacity. Foreign nonprofit organizations deliver over 90% of vaccines in the DRC, based on our stakeholder engagement interviews from our pilot (STATS CONGO) last year.

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STATS CONGO is a centralized database of women and children’s health. ATHARI.STATS is a prototype sub-product solely focused on vaccines uptake and shortage in Kinshasa.

Type of Submitter

  • We are a For-Profit Startup or Startup Social Enterprise

Organizational Characteristics

  • Female-led organization
  • Women’s health/rights focused organization

Gender and Diversity (500 characters)

We believe that our database is a form of feminist activism through the use of technology. The focus of our data is to collect vaccines uptake among women and children, which we believe is a form of advocating for gender rights and equality of women in the Congo, who continue to face the great healthcare disparity and burden.

Organization Location (less than 250 Characters)

STATS CONGO is registered and located in Toronto, Canada. We have received registration approval as a nonprofit organization in the Congo (DRC).

Size of organization (number of employees):

  • 6-20 people

Website URL

Scale of organizational work

  • Global (within 2 or more global regions)

Tell us more about you

+ + + + Book: Nohémie Mawaka is founder of Stats Congo, a Forbes 30 Under 30 (healthcare) winning startup that aims to bring technology and assistance to Congolese healthcare systems efforts serving women and children. Ms. Mawaka is a graduate from Simon Fraser University School of Public Health, where she focused her studies on Global Health. As a daughter of the Republic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and first generation Canadian immigrant, Ms. Mawaka is a native French speaker and fluent in English.

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Hi Ashley, sorry my current website is under construction and we will relaunch in 2 weeks. In the mean time, the coming soon page should be live: - LinkedIn: - we are relaunching everything within the next month, even our social media presence. Please note most things aren't active.

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