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Easy-to-use digital solutions to monitor diagnoses, treatments and trends to minimize the harm caused by outbreaks of communicable diseases.

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OGOW aims to implement easy-to-use digital solutions to monitor the delivery of immunizations in Somalia. Our solution enables and equips practitioners with digital tools to effectively monitor the immunization vaccine delivery campaigns. To do this work we will partner with government, public and private sectors.

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Somalia has some of world’s worst health indicators. UNICEF reports, Somalia's under five and maternal death rates are highest in the world; 1 in 8 Somali children dies before their fifth birthday. The Health ministry’s inability to control health care created gap within private sector in data collection and translation among caregivers and practitioners, often resulting in low immunization coverage. Our solution is designed to improve the health, well-being of children and women in rural and urban settings. Our solution allows practitioners to have real-time access to past patient records, find past conditions, recent treatments at individual level, see trends, population centers and better prepared for possible epidemics and outbreaks. OGOW EMR is easy-to-use and collaborative, makes it easy for physicians to plan care, patient’s progress record-track and manage care with other clinicians. Our portal offers tools for practitioners to improve vaccination rates by reaching patients who need specific vaccines. Further, caregivers will be aware of vaccination’s schedule and will send notices to visit their practitioners. Our team developed, designed and tested our electronic medical record system to test for operational readiness. We have an in-house developer to refine the application, run tests and fix bugs. OGOW’s seamless encryption solution provides a secure, cloud-based way to store and share clinical files. Dr. Salah based in Mogadishu applied our solution throughout his private practice. Today, his team is able to monitor and report on immunization rates. We aim to strengthen service delivery by aligning our activities with national priorities. Somalia recently kicked off a four-day countrywide polio immunization campaign. The campaign, which ran between 24-27 March 2019, aimed to reach as many as possible of Somalia’s 3.1 million children under age five. Our portal includes tools to monitor to “look for signs” alerting practitioners to look out for a marked pinkie, on every child under age of five. Children without a finger marking may have missed polio vaccinations. Our effective supply chain management system includes delivery point, inventory management tool, stock-out alert. The delivery point focus on movement of vaccine. Inventory management tool assist in developing replenishment/stock-out policies. The stock-out alert system assists in generating alert on stock reserves.

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  • Eastern Africa

Geographic Focus

South Central Somalia

Stage of Innovation

  • Pilot

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This past October, I was invited to take part in Somalia's first ever Tech Summit to introduce our solution. The summit's focus was on how innovation and technology can drive sustainable development in Somalia. This platform connected us with hospitals and medical students across Somalia. Our startup places a strong focus on collaboration by aligning our initiatives with the goals and needs of our partner hospitals, as well as the wider community. We’re currently recruiting for a paid internship based in Mogadishu. For the first run of the program, we will select qualified candidates who are current students or recent graduates to join our team. We received over 100 applications since it’s launch. Our startup was also selected to present at Innovate4right’s World Humanitarian Innovation Day to be held in Basel, Switzerland. The shortlist was compiled by identifying projects that offered promising, rigorously developed solutions that could bring positive impacts at a system level.

How is your idea unique? (750 characters)

Our electronic medical records solution was designed specifically for hospitals in Somalia. Our portal has been built with the aim of providing maximum accessibility and usability to its users. This means that all features, tools, reports and content - everything remains intact in Somali. Our objective is to be accessible to all users irrespective of device in use, technology or ability. We're in the process of designing our solution for both iOs and Android expected to launch July. This effort would be a first in Somalia to help bridge the gap between rural-urban settings.

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OGOW EMR platform offers Somali practitioners easy-to-use tools to improve: quality, continuity, assessment, and evidence of care through improved management.

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  • We are a For-Profit Startup or Startup Social Enterprise

Organizational Characteristics

  • Women’s health/rights focused organization
  • Community-led organization (CBO)
  • Youth-led organization

Gender and Diversity (500 characters)

Gender equality is considered an integral part of all our policies, programs and projects. OGOW EMR strives to address gender inequality and prioritize women’s empowerment by developing internships, workshops and health strategies to promote the advancement of women and girls. We recognize that gender inequality negatively impacts development in our country. Our program seeks to ensure women and girls participate in all levels of decision-making.

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Our company is registered in Mogadishu, Somalia.

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  • Less than 5 people

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Khalid, Founder • Provide overall governance of initiatives as it relates to both short and long-term goals • Promote profitability and growth in a sustainable and responsible manner • Ensure that our start-up is aligned to 17 sustainability goal • Provide updates to both the funding agency and steering committee using an agreed upon format. Mohammad, Developer Has more than 13 years of experience in software architect, designing, development, testing and of Windows/Desktop applications and Mobile applications. OGOW EMR developed a steering committee comprised of local doctors and Somali academics to ensure that the project is well executed, monitored and reviewed throughout the period of implementation.

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Hi Khalid Hashi great to have you in the Challenge and thanks for the additional information, can you share a bit more about any recent traction you've had to date?

Looking forward to learning more!

Photo of Khalid Hashi

Hi Ashley Tillman 

Thank you for your question. We actually had six new hospitals in Somalia and a tech hub in-believe it or not- Nigeria who want to use OGOW EMR as a solution to the medical record keeping challenges they face. We are confident that this interest in our product will grow steadily in the coming weeks and months.



Photo of Ashley Tillman

That's amazing, thanks for sharing!

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