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Networked, interoperable mobile tech. to improve planning, workflow and logistics in support of innovative immunisation service points.

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mVacciNation enables affordable, enterprise-wide adoption of workflow processes, health promotion, M&E and data collection about children, caregivers and providers (including supply chain and cold chain) across diverse, innovative provider settings. It also supports linkage to community care for improved retention and initiation of immunisation.

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Up to one fifth of children worldwide are not fully immunised. Paper-based and fragmented IT systems contribute to this challenge, and pose challenges for planning and governance. mVaccination assists caregivers by creating a support network where they can expect to receive reminders about their scheduled vaccinations. Healthcare workers are empowered to better serve their clients, link community workers to identify defaulters and the 'invisible/fifth child', and ensure that their records for vaccinations are up-to-date and available for reporting. For programme and supply chain managers, mVacciNation eliminates the onerous process of collecting and collating multiple paper-based reports from facilities to support logistics and programme planning. It also supports improved performance management and ultimately improved health outcomes by improving vaccination services. We are awaiting the final pilot project KPI report for Nigeria but in the Tanzania project we saw vaccination coverage rise from 93% to 98%, stock-outs fall from 78% to 28%, and data quality and accuracy rise from 78% to 93% in the 50 pilot facilities in Shinyanga and Geita. Anecdotally for the Nigeria pilot, we know that according to RI officers and LIOs/LCCOs, the use of the mVacciNation platform has lead to improved data usage for decision making, particularly with regard to CCE maintenance, stock-outs and stock resupplies. The tool allows for real-time visibility of data at the LGA level which results in quicker response from the LGA. We also know that 88% of those classified as having ‘defaulted’ from a health facility, later returned to complete the immunisation schedule as a direct result of the SMS reminder service. According to initial findings, the dropout rate between PENTA1 and PENTA3 halved from the start of the pilot to the end. Reminder messages sent to caregivers through phones belonging to relatives, especially husbands, have had a positive impact on the role of male involvement in vaccination and immunisation issues. For example, a mother from Kahama during a Focus Group session conducted in June 2017 by the project team narrated how her husband has changed his behaviour, especially around allowing her to take her child to the immunisation appointments; “ever since reminder messages started to be sent, my husband has allowed me [to attend]. He has reduced my house core responsibilities on the dates [due] to take our child to the clinic for vaccination."

Which part(s) of the world does this innovation target?

  • Eastern Africa
  • Middle Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • Western Africa

Geographic Focus

The mVacciNation application is currently deployed in Tanzania (Geita and Shinyanga) and in Nigeria (Kaduna State). Mezzanine has similar health projects in Zambia, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa. These projects include last-mile supply chain and pathology projects across health programmes.

Stage of Innovation

  • Scale

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The founding partners for mVacciNation (Mezzanine/Vodafone and GSK) worked closely with a number of partners in implementing the mVacciNation projects, including the respective Ministries of Health, Regional, State and District Authorities, Amref, DFID/HDIF, and Adam Smith International. Other partnerships have been established with PATH, CHAI, JSI, Save the Children, Red Cross, UNICEF and WHO. mVacciNation is implementation partner agnostic, and MNO agnostic, meaning that opportunities for new partnerships (and funding models) are always being explored.

How is your idea unique? (750 characters)

The mVacciNation platform is network operator and implementation partner agnostic, as well as interoperable with legacy or new government systems. This means that patients can consume services using any MNO service provider on any GSM device, any accredited implementation partner can support the use of the application, and it can reduce ICT fragmentation by providing a data aggregation and orchestration role. Importantly, the system can be used off-line. The Vodafone support for this product provides unparalleled rapid scalability and reliability. The system enables a network of innovative service points (such as may be identified through the INFUSE process) to link into centralised data and logistics management processes.

What is the name of your organization

Mezzanine Ware (Pty) Ltd, subsidiary of Vodafone

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Mezzanine is a South African subsidiary of Vodacom/Vodafone. Since 2011 Mezzanine users have been implementing transformative policy and business interventions across the African Continent, through harnessing the power of mobile technology.

Type of Submitter

  • We are a Private sector corporation

Gender and Diversity (500 characters)

Through harnessing the power of mobile technology Mezzanine users are implementing transformative policy and business interventions, supporting inclusive socio-economic growth and creating productive societies across the continent. Our priority verticals are health, education and agriculture, all of which include a specific emphasis on gender equity.

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We have offices in Stellenbosch and Midrand, South Africa, and a satellite office in Kenya. We also operate through Vodafone offices across the continent.

Size of organization (number of employees):

  • 21-100 people

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  • Regional (reach within 1 geographic region)

Tell us more about you

The Mezzanine team has 55 highly skilled senior developers, system architects, medical doctors, engineers, business process reform experts, health and agriculture specialists. Mezzanine uses an agile development and implementation methodology through which the team assists clients with tackling problems in an iterative, adaptive manner. This approach supports the effective deployment of IT projects in complex ecosystem environment. We have experience supporting large-scale operations including data orchestration. Mezzanine products are provided through a managed, software as a service (SaaS) model, providing clients with economies of scale associated with shared costs/reduced total cost of ICT ownership.

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