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Identify and vaccinate lost children in monitoring and zero dose in 2 urban health districts (Ségou and Niono) in the Segou region of Mali

Main objective: to improve the routine vaccination coverage rate to at least 95% in 2 urban health districts with low routine vaccination co

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AHSMA aims to implement an innovation project to improve the routine vaccination coverage rate to at least 95% in 2 urban health districts with low routine vaccination coverage rates in 2 urban districts of the Segou region ‘ Segou and Niono), through the formation of women's groups and key actors of local development/health on strategies to iden

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-The project intends to work with networks especially well organized in the precarious areas to be provided to the groups of women participating in the project is one of the main projects of AHSMA involving a network of nearly 60 groups of women. The benefit groups will continue to participate in the overall evaluation of the micro-credit system twice a year. Each group will be required to report on its activities on immunization awareness, identifying the loss of children in follow-up after the project phases, thus continually improving the rate of immunization coverage in their Communities. -Involving the community through the Supervisory Committee and women's groups will allow them to continue the spirit of awareness of vaccination as a community responsibility and not a public health matter

Which part(s) of the world does this innovation target?

  • Western Africa

Geographic Focus

Segou Region /Mali/2 urban Districts Niono : area of the Office of Niger and Segou Districts ; Pelengaba, Sebougou, Medine, Darsalam

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

Who will work alongside your organization in the idea of the project? (1 000 characters) The Minsitère of public health through the Regional Directorate of health of Ségou, the doctors heads of the 2 districts work with us to improve the preformance of vaccination coverage in the area of galloping urbanization in the districts, one ' Segou for the moblity of targets and Niono cation area by excellent grape highly prized with their corollaries of poorly served populations until then. The involvement of the community leaders identified already in the village/hamlets districts are key players with very formal, sometimes structured, feminine groupings. The different awareness sessions are given by local radio stations, the monitoring of the indicators is easy by micro-credits whose groupings are indebted to the results

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Strategies that involve the community to locate children in these densely populated neighbourhoods where the population is very mobile when delivered, monitor children as their vaccination schedule, identify follow-up losses and their return to the health circuit can make a long way to reverse the current downward trend. The decline in this weakness is explained by various reasons why community participation in appropriation and empowerment in their area of missed children or the emergence of diseases with epidemic potential supports the routine system Existing

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Association Habitat et Soins au Mali ( AHSMA)

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to improve the health of Malians by encouraging the excellence of educational standards related to the training and research of family health by sensitizing the population to healthy habits, promoting immediate access to services provided by health

Type of Submitter

  • We are a registered NGO or Non-Profit Organization

Organizational Characteristics

  • Female-led organization
  • Women’s health/rights focused organization
  • Disabled Persons Organization (DPO)
  • Displaced person / refugee-led organization

Gender and Diversity (500 characters)

Women are part of the management structure of the Association and have several members

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AHSMA had been created in 2003 in Bamako , Mali but recently 2015 based on quarter Sebougou at Segou

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  • 6-20 people

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  • National (expansive reach within one country)

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We are a dynamic team of health professionals and community development actors. Our Organization places the health of disadvantaged people at the heart of these interventions with several blank (treatment of drepanocyosis at home, care in the end of HIV life. Our partnership with the community actors is a total success for such intervention. Members understand the area of intervention and the implementation will not pose any problems. With its Coordinator, former Medein head of sanitary district, former consultant, we expect to work for urban immunization equity

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Thanks SONOU DIT BALLA DIARRA  for your submission for the challenge. It's great reading and understanding the importance of investing in the community in helping tackle the challenge. As the deadline for submission draws close, it would be great to share some insights on or clarifying:
1. How solution specifically works in the context of highly mobile urban setting, as opposed to other settings, and how this would look like at scale
2. The impact you are hoping your solution will help achieve: how many beneficiaries in total? Who are they?
3. Are there pilots you have done with respect to your idea? What were some insights from the pilots? Have you spoken with your potential partners? What help would you need?



1. it is true that we are in a mobile context but every population lives in an area where there are chiefs of neighborhoods and leaders where each new family is linked to another (close acquaintance) and the opposite women are in General grouped into weekly savings tontine. Every new family coming is known somewhere in the city. Grassroots organizations living in neighbourhoods will move from family to family to identify children and each of them will have an ID 2. Apart from the administrative number, we expect a higher number because the reported blankets, hitherto are above 100% to more than 20,000 children in the 2 districts.
Yes advanced screening strategies we have done with other programs such as community-based malnutrition testing always gives us good results beyond the administrative results because community organizations appropriate to these interventions. And the advanced strategies of routine in vaccination we always have the pockets of children not accessible with their corollary of epidemics with diseases preventable by vaccination, limited by factors resources concerted by the under-estimation of targets.

3. Our partners appreciate well our initiative for the term of immunization equity cover all children, identify all communicable diseases.
We needed help with stakeholders to solve the accessibility of immunization services to that population collegially, we could trace them codify them to actually prove the results of our interventions so that ls are appropriating.