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Enable comprehensive immunization with centralized record management and demand based delivery services

Design of overall solution architecture and user experience of specific tools based on research & user needs

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"Wellness" is a comprehensive vaccination program that aims to immunize 100% of children living in India inclusive of all genders & social classes. It leverages national identity system and provides parents an app, VacciShot to manage vaccination needs of their children and fulfills them with mobile vaccine delivery services & facility centers.

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According to a study by University of Michigan, over two-thirds of Indian children do not receive timely vaccination, this increases their susceptibility to diseases & causes untimely deaths. Even though India is a leading exporter of vaccines, it continues to have the highest death rate among children under 5. The reasons for this problem are lack of awareness, poor record keeping system and less immunization centers. When a child is born in India, the parents are given an immunization card to keep track of the vaccines. But, if the card is lost, misplaced or parents move to different region, the record for that child is lost. Coupled with the lack of immunization awareness, often leads to either delayed or missed vaccines. Our solution aims to solve this problem & capitalizes on two emerging trends in India. First, we have seen internet penetration increase in India from 21% to 39% in last 5 years. Second, the national identity system, Aadhar has seen widespread adoption & forms the basis of providing a unique ID to all including newborns. The goal is to provide timely vaccination to all children under 5 years of age. We first want to run a pilot program in the state of Rajasthan, estimated to target 100,000 children to get timely vaccination. Parents of these children will download our app, VacciShot & use it to get alerts on overdue & upcoming vaccines for their children & schedule vaccination either through mobile vans services or their nearby primary healthcare centers. As part of this solution, we would partner with National vaccination program to create a "aadhar" (SSN) based record management system to become the source of truth of immunization data. This system would be a block chain ledger of every child's vaccination record across the health centers in scope for our pilot program. Health centers will be able to update vaccination records post immunization in a healthcare provider version of the VacciShot app, instead of immunization card. In addition to this, VacciShot app will aggregate vaccine demand for primary health centers to send mobile vans for districts without immunization centers. We believe that by leverage demand through VacciShot app, along with centralized vaccine record data we will be able to unlock efficiencies for the health centers to maximize impact and provide a way to constantly track and improve. We need to learn from the pilot program but believe that the model is scalable to rest of India and other GAVI countries

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  • South-eastern Asia

Geographic Focus

In First Phase, we'll target a small district of Rajasthan in India-In this pilot program, we will track the process closely & improve. In second phase, we'll target the State of Rajasthan-Here we will learn to manage increasing demand and supply. In third phase, we'll target all States of India.

Stage of Innovation

  • Prototype

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We don't have any partners yet. We need some guidance for collaboration process. For this solution, we will need partnership with two communities: First, National Vaccination Program, for creating "Aadhar" based vaccination data record management system. Second, Government and private primary healthcare centers, where they will use "Vaccishot"App to update post vaccination status in Aadhar database. In addition to this, app will aggregate vaccine demand for primary healthcare centers to send mobile immunization vans periodically for districts without immunization centers.

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This idea capitalize emerging trends based solution of recording immunization data, as lack of good record keeping is big part of problem of children lack timely vaccination in India. Similar model in banking space has proven effective. For example, a mobile banking app "Paytm" ,aka e-wallet is widely adopted in India, has ease out the complexity of banking process, as the model is simple to adopt yet effective. In India, motivation of delivering & taking vaccination decreases over time, but "VacciShot" will keep both parent & healthcare provider motivated & aware with every child visit. The researchers agree that if India is able to administer vaccinations on time, it'll have a major impact on the global status of childhood vaccination

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  • We are not yet a registered organization but looking for collaborative partners

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  • Female-led organization

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  • Less than 5 people

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