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All Babies Deserve Protection!

I have developed a disease detection and response system in a challenging and developing country now detecting vaccine preventable diseases

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Describe what you intend to do and how you'll do it in one to two sentences (required 350 Characters)

Bring smart phones/electronic pads (ipad etc) and track kids using their feet/hand as identification and tracking

Explain the innovation (2,500 characters)

Tracking urban and mobile kids is always challenges and creates problems in vaccination coverage. Urban and mobile kids also come from economically deprived families. It’s difficult to find immunization cards with them as their own parents are out working and many of them are being cared by some minor relative. Tracking them online by prints of hands/feet by smart phones/electronic pads will help vaccination teams to not only track them in real-time but help them plan more effective campaigns. Pakistan is one of the GAVI countries. We will target slum areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Even being capital city Islamabad is far behind in immunization indicators including polio vaccinations as compared to many far flung areas. This population is also mobile as families move to and from here to all over Pakistan including Karachi (One of the largest cities) and even to Afghanistan. Development of an easy to use app could make its beneficiaries to millions around Pakistan and even World. However in the beginning Islamabad and Rawalpindi slum areas will be targeted in pilot phase. According to some estimates there are more than half million people living in slums of Islamabad alone. If we add numbers of its twin city Rawalpindi that number could easily grow over a million. We will target children under five living in twin cities. Our user will be a child of low income family living in slums whose parents are away to work and move wherever they could get a job. Smart phone app /electronic pads will identify the kid and family by hand/feet print. Taking a picture of a young child is taboo but feet or hand print (without any ink) is doable. Vaccination teams could identify and track kids easily and give needed vaccinations. Already many hospitals in West track kids by their feet or hand prints. This is not happening in Pakistan but concept is proven. We could bring this to Pakistan and field test it and then deploy it widely.

Which part(s) of the world does this innovation target?

  • Southern Asia

Geographic Focus

Slum areas in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Stage of Innovation

  • Pilot

Who will work alongside your organization in the project idea? (1,000 characters)

We will work with Pakistan EPI (Extended Immunization Program), local communities and organizations working in slum areas.

How is your idea unique? (750 characters)

I am working in Pakistan for more than a decade and working in polio and outbreaks caused by vaccine preventable diseases. Tracking young child vaccination is already challenging and I am not aware of this ever tried in Pakistan.

What is the name of your organization

GHSI: Global Health Strategists & Implementers

Explain your organization (250 characters)

This is a new organization but has developed a network of collaborators all over Pakistan. I personally trained more than 200 Field Epidemiologists (advanced two years program) which are working in all health departments around Pakistan.

Type of Submitter

  • We are a For-Profit Startup or Startup Social Enterprise

Organizational Characteristics

  • Indigenous-led organization

Gender and Diversity (500 characters)

We do support gender equity but as we are a very new organization we do not have employees but collaborators.

Organization Location (less than 250 Characters)

GHSI is a registered organization by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Our address is as follows: Global Health strategists & Implementers(SMC-PVT)LTD Emirates Tower (Regus) , M-13, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan

Size of organization (number of employees):

  • Less than 5 people

Website URL

Scale of organizational work

  • National (expansive reach within one country)

Tell us more about you

This is a new startup but leading an expanding organization in health for last 12 years has helped me identify and train one of the best public health professional officers who are working in all health departments in Pakistan. I was also able to identify well respected professionals not only in public health but in administration and finance who are willing to work with me as soon as there is a challenging project available. I would be able to hire (already identified staff ) very quickly. My profile is available at

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