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A Drop of Life.

Routine immunization for infants,children and women by the support of Gavi,Simavi,WHO and Aih in urban area of Pakur District.

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Jan Lok Kalyan Parishad aims to implement innovative service to solve irregular immunization for the Childrens in Pakur District of Jharkhand State, India through Routine immunization process. To do this work our organisation take support of our Volunteers and groups along with the field health Worker & formation of focused Immunization group.

Explain the innovation (2,500 characters)

The Major Challenges in our Area is Un-routine Immunization System.While working in Pakur district and involved in the health related issue since 2003 & also from Base line Survey in 2015-17 we have found the major issue in our area, that the people are not aware of the Vaccination Camp and also due to irregular work pressure due to which the gap in the immunization of children life take place which result that the children become unhealthy and suffers from various disease. We have also a case study in which the girl child living in a Pakur district(Urban Area) suffered from permanent disability due to gap immunization dose. From our innovative solution of "Proper Monitoring for Bringing routine immunization through Movable Immunization Facility" the Child belonging to age (0-6 years) living in the urban area of Pakur district of Jharkhand state, india will be benefitted from this concept. Because Gap immunization is majorly affecting the children belonging to this age group due to which they suffer from disease like Yellow fever, Typhoid, Cholera, Malaria, polio, Malnutrition etc. In this Solution our innovative ideas is that “ the family of the child is no need travel here and there for the routine vaccine we will arrange it in their own area by the support of our focused immunization Group” the monitoring Team . This innovative solution has been implemented by our organization JLKP previously for some rural area in pakur district which result have found very effective. Our innovative solution will help to immunized each and every child(girls & Boys) belonging to the age group 0-6 years of pakur district from our effective strategy to bring a trend of routine immunization and to form healthy society. Our strategy to bring a Routine immunization in Pakur district will take place by the help of 1.Formation of Immunization Group (Women, Adolescent, Youth), 2.Importance of Immunization Awareness program grassroot level, 3.Formation of specified immunization point in the Block, 4. immunization camp, 5. Door to Door Immunization Outreach , 6. Emergency immunization Campaign if Required, 7. School level immunization Camp & Awareness Program. It is our belief that this innovative idea will work in Pakur district and will give an effective result by accelerating the immunization and better up the health condition of the child which result a disease free society.

Which part(s) of the world does this innovation target?

  • Southern Asia

Geographic Focus

We will implement this innovative concept in the highly mobile urban place of Pakur District, Jharkhand State , India.

Stage of Innovation

  • Early Adaption

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We will engage with the NGO, local government and private Sectors which is working on health related issue of immunization.

How is your idea unique? (750 characters)

The innovativeness in our Idea is that the parents did not make an special arrangement for their child and travel long distance to immunize their child they will get all this facility in their own area.

What is the name of your organization

Jan Lok Kalyan Parishad (JLKP)

Explain your organization (250 characters)

The Mission of our organisation is to build an educated, conscious , united, Self- dependent and Healthy society and with this hope of healthy society JLKP Initiated working in the health related issue since 2003 with the support of WHO,GAVI,Aih,MNH.

Type of Submitter

  • We are a registered NGO or Non-Profit Organization

Organizational Characteristics

  • Female-led organization
  • Women’s health/rights focused organization
  • Community-led organization (CBO)
  • Youth-led organization

Gender and Diversity (500 characters)

It is our belief that this innovative concept will help to bring the gender equity in the society where the girls and boys will be equally prioritise,Awareness program and Door to Door outreach will help to secure both boys and girl without any inequalities. We belief that the people of urban pakur will themself start giving prioritise to their girl child as equal as boy. They will give priority to the girls health too.

Organization Location (less than 250 Characters)

Near Quarry Association, Sindhi Para, Pakur,Jharkhand,India -816107 Landmark-Near JLKP FCC Office.

Size of organization (number of employees):

  • 21-100 people

Website URL

Scale of organizational work

  • Regional (reach within 1 geographic region)

Tell us more about you

Our organisation is working since 15 years on the health related issues of Children, Adolescent and Women in Pakur district and have good trainers & Field Worker in our organisation who will help us to reach the Project Goal effectively in time. Our Coordination with the local and government departments who is working in Health related Issue is good which help to create an environment where we work together and support the needy children. We are Right team to solve this problem that we are the local NGO of this area with Active field worker and Trainees. Our organization will play an important role in which the Monitoring part of immunization will be cover to bring the routine Immunization.

Applying to Gavi INFUSE

  • Gavi Website


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Photo of Vinod Pramanik

Respected Sir,
Sorry for the delay,Total Beneficiary being impacted through this solution is 155-165 as per the data. The total cost per beneficiary 166 INR . The sustainability of this Pilot program will be easily understandable by the occurrence of regular immunization trend in the Society and the family specially male candidate will take responsibility of their Child Health also the adolescent boys and girl will start taking responsibility of child health of their family. It is the belief of our organisation that this small pilot program will help to bring a very deep change in the society by bringing the Routine immunization trend in the Pakur District & also the parents will show their interest in their Child health .
Thanks & Regards
Vinod Pramanik

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