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Boucing off of Vincent's "Taking Realization Phase to the Next Level", OpenREALISATION is a new structured realisation page allowing Sponsors, OpenIDEO and especially OpenIDEATORS to share their individual/collective implementation efforts. (UPDATED!)

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This new structured page (cf. page prototype above) includes different features:

1. Add your realisation button

Purpose: share your personal story. Individual stories such as how OpenIDEO helped Nathan’s kid eat healthily or how Ashley registered to donate Bone Marrow are perfect examples for this feature.

Realisation entries would be submitted as a threaded type of entry (i.e. one original entry with the possibility of adding ongoing updates -distinct from the original post yet attached to it). Each update would appear in the updates feed as a stand-alone contribution, but it would always have the original post above once you click on it.

One way to "control" the contributions would be to limit the possibility of adding something new to that original post to the users that belong to the project's virtual team for example (cf. discussion with Haiyan below).

2. Impact map

When sharing a realisation story, the form should prompt a "location" feature for OpenIDEATORS to indicate where those stories are taking place. This could help visualize where the causes have spread worldwide.

A mock-up of what this map could look like is attached as a pdf, courtesy of Paul Reader.

3. Ongoing projects

These are team-based projects that OpenIDEATORS can initiate, self-organize and ask each other for help in order to make them happen. Anyone could initiate a project, and ask for fellow OpenIDEATORS to help him/her:

  • Give it a shout-out: Give the project more visibility via social media networks, vote for the project in a competition, etc.
  • Give it a try: Individual actions start here. If we all make small efforts on our own, we can try to replicate impact in our daily lives, via our jobs, at our local stores, in the nearest schools, etc. This could be interviewing your neighbor or trying to grow your own cherry tomatoes by your window.
  • Build a team, with certain skills: Translation, business modeling, visualizing, rapid prototyping, etc. Let's make the best out of the community's diverse skill sets!
  • Find funding: Taking the idea to the next level by building a compelling business case and sharing it via other platforms (Kickstarter for example).

There will be a sortable list of projects below this, similar to the other stages, potentially with a search function (cf. conversation with Vincent below). Sorting items could be: location, needs, type of project, and of course how far did the project go.

DQ implementation points could be added through these contributions to each OpenIDEATORS.

What's the added value of this page?

  1. For OpenIDEO: a better way to document / visualize impact.
  2. For the community: stronger ties + inspiring each other.
  3. For the rest: a better world :)

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

Better community collaboration, better impact visualization and broader recognition of implementation efforts.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

Some planning, UI design and developing.

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

Mostly supported by IDEO as part of the OpenIDEO team members KPIs and salaries.

Virtual Team:

Vincent Cheng, Mike Hatrick, Paul Reader, Haiyan Zhang

Evaluation results

15 evaluations so far

1. Does this concept increase social impact?

Absolutely! This idea will drive social change - 60%

It’s a good start – some impact is likely to be achieved - 40%

No – increasing impact is not the main focus of this idea - 0%

2. Does this idea inspire *you* to take action?

Sure does – I’m itching to get started turning this idea into impact - 60%

Possibly – I’d need to know more to make a decision about how to get involved - 33.3%

No thanks – it’s an interesting idea, but it would be best taken forward by someone else - 6.7%

3. Does this concept help the OpenIDEO community connect and collaborate together?

Yes – it does a brilliant job of enhancing our community connections and might even reach out to external partners - 73.3%

Maybe – it may drive increased collaboration but the concept would need to be further developed first - 26.7%

No – it doesn’t help our community connect or collaborate better - 0%

4. How easy would it be to try prototyping or experimenting with this idea?

Easy – I could have an early prototype running in a few hours - 26.7%

There’s potential but it would take some planning and coordination to make it work - 53.3%

Not really easy – this idea would take considerable resources and planning to get it off the ground - 20%

5. Does this concept clearly outline how it will be funded?

Yes, this idea clearly explains funding sources - 53.3%

Sort of – we’d probably still need to think more about how this idea would get funded - 33.3%

No, this idea doesn’t really explain where funding for implementation would come from - 13.3%


Join the conversation:

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I've seen many concepts out there that are really good but the problem is always finding the right sponsors to fund the event. Most of the time, the idea is ready to go but are held back because there isn't enough funds for it.

It's like the ancient Chinese saying, "Don't wait till you want to shit before you start to dig a hole and build a toilet." By waiting for sponsors, we're almost always going to be in a passive mode.

Why don't we get some of the regular sponsors to commit to pledging a fixed amount monthly or yearly so that we could build an OpenIDEO fund. This would help to accelerate the realization part on many of the ideas. We could also get some of the committed contributors with viable ideas to immediate execute them or even get them on the payroll.

Edmund Ng

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