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OpenIDEO + University professors + graduate students + real clients = built outcomes.

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Universities will have the ability to partner with OpenIDEO + a local client to adopt a winning concept and teach it as a practical subject for students to develop the concept further and take it into implementation. Through courses such as Architecture etc, students will have the opportunity to work on real life projects with a real client and a built outcome. OpenIDEO will provide some help along the way through perhaps providing some contacts to local clients if need be, an education kit (kind of like the HCD toolkit perhaps) or a few guest skype calls or video lectures.

What kind of social impact does this concept achieve?

through real life training students develop the skills, interest and experience to continue to work on projects which work towards social change in their career.

What skills are required to take this concept forward?

university partnerships

How do you envision this concept being supported financially?

university funding

Virtual Team:


Evaluation results

16 evaluations so far

1. Does this concept increase social impact?

Absolutely! This idea will drive social change - 81.3%

It’s a good start – some impact is likely to be achieved - 18.8%

No – increasing impact is not the main focus of this idea - 0%

2. Does this idea inspire *you* to take action?

Sure does – I’m itching to get started turning this idea into impact - 40%

Possibly – I’d need to know more to make a decision about how to get involved - 33.3%

No thanks – it’s an interesting idea, but it would be best taken forward by someone else - 26.7%

3. Does this concept help the OpenIDEO community connect and collaborate together?

Yes – it does a brilliant job of enhancing our community connections and might even reach out to external partners - 43.8%

Maybe – it may drive increased collaboration but the concept would need to be further developed first - 56.3%

No – it doesn’t help our community connect or collaborate better - 0%

4. How easy would it be to try prototyping or experimenting with this idea?

Easy – I could have an early prototype running in a few hours - 12.5%

There’s potential but it would take some planning and coordination to make it work - 56.3%

Not really easy – this idea would take considerable resources and planning to get it off the ground - 31.3%

5. Does this concept clearly outline how it will be funded?

Yes, this idea clearly explains funding sources - 25%

Sort of – we’d probably still need to think more about how this idea would get funded - 56.3%

No, this idea doesn’t really explain where funding for implementation would come from - 18.8%


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Photo of Charlotte Fliegner

Perhaps Design for America ( could be a partner? Are any Open Ideator students out there members of this movement?

Photo of Sami Packard

I work for DFA and we would love to think about how to work with OpenIDEO on this! We already have over 600 students in our network and are expanding to 14 college campuses this coming year! Many of our teams already draw inspiration from OpenIDEO and have been winners of one of the challenges. Open to suggestions for how this collaboration might occur! Thanks Charlotte!

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