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Realisation Project: OpenTRANSLATE Video

OpenTRANSLATE started off as a a little experiment I conducted to crowd-translate the OpenIDEO platform by the members of our community and take its impact beyond the English-speaking world.

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OpenTRANSLATE started off as a a little experiment I initiated to crowd-translate the OpenIDEO platform by the members of our community and take its impact beyond the English-speaking world.The prototype started off rough and rapid, via an open Google Docs spreadsheet, in order to validate the main underlying hypothesis in the winning OpenTRANSLATE concept: Can OpenIDEO count on volunteer-based community efforts to translate the platform?



The response was not only overwhelmingly positive, with many volunteers* jumping in to translate more than 120+ items in 12 different languages (Arabic, Bahasa, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish), but it also opened up an opportunity for OpenIDEO team member Haiyan Zhang to suggest translating OpenIDEO's intro video.

We are excited about the idea of having different people's voices, one for each line, to narrate this video. As a result, a SoundClound group was created to allow members to translate and record themselves saying those lines. And the more voices we have, the more the video will be representative of our diverse community!


We are first pushing towards a Spanish translation of the OpenIDEO video, but we are planning to translate the video into other languages as well. So feel free to chime in and add your voice overs!


*Many thanks to the very first OpenTRANSLATE volunteers who took part of this prototype: Arjan, Anne-Laure, Carlos, Avi, Ana C., Ana S., Anne, Adriana, Patricio, Vincent, Vithaloka and Tomoya Yamamoto.

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I'm new to the OpenIdeo community and very excited about the positive impact it can have. I have a suggestion to toss out that may help with making video-like presentations where it's easy to involve lots of people globally in translating. A few years back, I co-invented a web-based application for Instant Videos - somewhat of a hack on making videos mostly using still images and then infusing each image with voice - see It's free for personal use, so try it out, and if it ends up helping, I'll figure out a way to contribute it's use to the OpenIdeo community. In the meantime, feel free to email me personally if you exceed the free personal use and once I see you're part of the OpenIdeo community, I'll grant you broad free use.

Here's a link to an overview of how easy it is to make an Instant Video or Vizzie:

Here's a 5 minute short video tutorial

The key to using it for translation is this. After making the Vizzie in one language, a person can Remix the original or copy it, and then go in frame by frame, listen to the original language or look at that frame's script, and then frame by frame, record in a different language. Voila done. The instant videos in each subsequent language will have its own Link or URL. Here's a link to a tutorial that allows any number of recipients to collaborate on the Vizzie:

Please note that the market introduction of this app into residential real estate - for making a property commercial on each house or listing was derailed by the real estate meltdown and 2008 global market crash, so the app is languishing and behind the curve in some areas, even while it still may be useful in this context or at least inspire some alternative approaches. Have fun.

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