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Using visual representations of information for improved ideation

Several inspirations have explored visual representations. What other representations can we think of?

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I have been so excited to see so many other OpenIdeators express their love for visualizations that I thought I'd try to bring them together! I was also inspired largely by Sarah's synthesis of inspirations--the idea of bringing together ideas in an organized way is nothing short of fantastic! I bet we could do that for just about any topic.

The brain works better when information is presented visually (viz., "spatial cognition"), so it's no wonder we all have looked into ways to visualize information. The represented information has included the challenges themselves, other inspirations in the challenge, and other initiatives out there. 

Starting from verbal/written  storiesscenarios, and testimonies, the following representations have been explored:

* Mind maps: 1, 2, 3
* Social networks: 1, 2, 3
* Geographical maps: 1

Here are some extra ideas:

* Temporal Gantt charts
* Plots and charts like in Excel
* Mashups that combine multiple types of visualizations

(I'll update this inspiration with an actual visualization later, which I think might help to classify these visualizations along the axes of 1. the information being presented and its reason, and 2. the type of visualization)

What other kinds can we think of? What visual inspirations have I forgotten to link to?


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Terrific questioning here, Bob! We're learning at OpenIDEO that the more visual we can make our stories and ideas, the easier and more fun it is to share them with the community.

As we get ready to move into Concepting this week, I'd encourage you to think about how we might develop visualization tools for people to share their own stories of impact with others. Sounds like a fun Concept!

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Or you might also consider how visualisations might assist OpenIDEATORS to collaborate on real world action as Sarah touches on above. As Bob comments – the possibilities are endless. This makes it all the more important to consider the use of the visualisations – for this challenge, social impact and action oriented – ahead of Concepting. Bring it on!

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