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Urgent Evoke method

Using 'mythology heroes' to engage a 'highschool' group of audience. Have the option to upgrade yourself to be an 'Agent'/Wisdom keeper in a certain domain. At they did this very well I think.

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Using a fictional 'hero' narrative also has the benefit to explain the do's and don't if you start a local chapter.

One can see this as avatars in a computer game you play, they help you raise awareness and help focus your challenge adoption.

This could be an 'overhead relief' if OPENideo is growing, next to 1:1 guidance and involvement from 'senior' members/agents, basics can be wrapped in a play based narrative, making the growth of OPENideo in terms of human resources possible.

All being said, UrgentEvoke came with a price tag I think to make it like this. Inspiration nevertheless I think, for sure on the 'mentor/agent' aspect.


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Can we also do it with Marvel superheroes? :$

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any particular in mind? The 'green' hornet? or X-men, Charles, "I build this school so mutants(ideators) can focus their powers in a positive way"