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TEDx Spread Buenos Aires - the word of mouth power

An innovative way to spread TEDx Ideas using the most remarkable city speakers - taxi drivers. How can we spread OPENIDEO contents to a larger number of people? In 2011, hairdressers will be the target!

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TEDx Buenos Aires wanted to reach the common people of the city, not just an elite. It engaged the city taxi drivers who attended the TEDx Conference and afterwards passes the ideas to its clients. 50 taxi drivers turned out into 7000 people who heard TED ideas in only one week. An impactful idea with unlikely intermediaries.

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wauhhh that is amazing..... make people talk

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This is amazing.I guess it's "taxiral marketing"

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Congrats on being today's onsite Featured Inspiration!

Photo of Meena Kadri

And am hoping that this inspires some creative thinking from OpenIDEATORS as we move into Concepting based on your brilliant notion of impact via unlikely intermediaries!

Photo of elisabete serra

Some TED talks have been of great inspiration to me and i always want to share the special ones. Maybe next time on a taxi i'll try my piece of sharing and see if it goes on. thanks Antonio! i loved it.

Photo of Ashley Jablow

What a wonderful Inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing this story. I think what I loved the most is that upfront learning within a small group of taxi drivers inspired thousands of conversations, that hopefully went on to inspire thousands more. A great Inspiration to consider as we move into Concepting this week.

Photo of Arjan Tupan

Brilliant! Thanks for this share. Brilliant.

Photo of Vincent Cheng

Love it! Agreed with Arjan. Brilliant way to spread the word and reach new groups of people!

Photo of Sarah Fathallah

Agreed! Simply brilliant!