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Organising local events for OpenIDEO is something I am interested in. I talked about it with friends+college+OpenIDEATORS. Many questions arise, no roadmap, much confusion... nothing happened. Photos of a TEDx event I did with a very good roadmap.

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(I'm the main organiser and last in the video red with tshirt + jacket.)

The TEDx Toolkit for organisers is a detailed pdf on how to organise an event. Plenty of the basic information is online at

There is the PB Works that is a detailed wiki by TEDxOrganisers that share emails to approach sponsors, graphic design, wordpress templates, information about what to do, what not to do, budgets excel files, how record talks well and everything you can imagine.

The staff hold conversations with organisers and live-streams to answer questions, and help every step of the way. TED talks by the staff for how to organise an event.

Preparing Speakers - Bruno Giussani

What makes a great talk - June Cohen

Partnering with Sponsors - Ronda Carnegie

How to shoot a great talk - Jason Wishnow

If I wanted to organise a tweetup, openStorm or what I proposed OpenSTREETS I don't know how to go about doing that. With no help from OpenIDEO, no roadmap, no recognition, no space to co-colloborate and nowhere to display the event online on the OpenIDEO website, it's tough to figure out what to do. The TEDx model has 2000+ events around the world and therefore should be looked at. 

The biggest dream i would have for OpenIDEO is a much better facility for events by the community. 


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What about ? That's how some TEDx organize their local events with some success.

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