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#RiotCleanUp - or how social media helps Londoners unite

Many of us have likely been shocked by the outburst of riots in the UK. And many of us are in de middle of it. Of course, rioters used social media to organise themselves. But those willing to stand up do so as well!

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Technology has recently been used to organise people quickly and surprise governing powers. Also in the UK riots. But, before the powers that be (whether benevolent or not) start thinking about censorship and shifting blame to technology, they should have a look at the #RiotCleanUp movement. In an amazingly short time a website was set up, a twitter account, a community-crisis-wiki; all to organise the community to help and clean up London and the other British city that have been a stage for the riots. Amazing how Londoners unite and stand up for their communities. From where I'm sitting, I can only wish you guys well.
But if you consider how technology can have social impact, you keep this in mind.

Oh, the website mentioned is not linked on purpose. I've heard reports of it having trouble coping with the traffic. So please, if you're not in London and intending to help clean up, don't visit it now.


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what a collective impact and a participatory model! thumbs up for the responsiveness capacity! brilliant

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