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Open Resource: Providing Supplies to Build

Resource site that includes general information and statistics, graphic stock images (creative commons license of course, and other resources to help connecting). What would such a site need or look like?

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Many of the challenges are rich in nature, with thick cultural nuance, some with technological particulars. Wikipedia is a great *quick* source to go to to get background info, stats, etc. For those coming up with concepts, using free stock images and icons to produce diagrams is helpful. While some people in the field know how to search for these resources, what if we had a dedicated RESOURCE CENTER for Open IDEO? What would it look like? What to include and not include--to keep it easily accessible and user friend?


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Hi Sina, I'm really interested in this idea - we've actually been looking at integrating this HTML5 drawing tool into the Concept forms -

This would allow users to draw their ideas on the fly, even drag in custom-made stickers (like mobile phones, people) into the drawing.

Would love to see what other 'creation' resources the community would like to see.


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thenounproject meets OpenIDEO !

or format templates for people to choose from - eg, storyboard/timeline

or perhaps the ability for people to alter/build on the image and post it as a reply visually rather than text based comments

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+ take post-it notes into the virtual.

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Great idea, Sina! In teaching about these ideas that we discuss here on OpenIDEO at the university nearby, I know many non-designers would love this type of thing to help them articulate their ideas outside the platform.

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I think this would help a lot of people - especially those without a background in design.

Things like images people can find pretty easily (Google Images, Flickr, etc) - and for those things maybe just listing such resources would be helpful enough. However, a reference for "how do I tranform inspiration into a concept?" or "How to detail a concept" I think would definitely be helpful! Just giving some more detail on the design process itself, for those who aren't so familiar with it. Though that seems to be more an "FAQ" than a resource center... Hm.