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Community is CRUCIAL: Model Project H

OpenIDEO should use Project H's example of uniting community through courses, public projects, hands-on learning, and volunteer work to solve social problems, including education and poverty. Community is one of our greatest assets.

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Project H is a nonprofit organization which uses the power of design to revolutionize education. The TED talk above says it all - incredibly inspiring.

The part I love most about Project H is that it involves the entire community in its projects. It generates awareness and enthusiasm across the town, and in addition to getting input from the students they are hoping to help. In addition, they actually enable students to get their hands dirty making their vision a reality.

OpenIDEO does a great job of inspiring and promoting collaboration. However, I'd love to see more realization in the design process. I hope that, after coming up with all these brilliant ideas, we can actually get to work implementing them - right in our own hometown. 

The actuation/realization phase would be incredibly empowering to the community that has generated the design ideas. However, it will also directly impact the communities that the implementation becomes visible in, showing that design can make a difference, and encouraging others to participate. That's social change. :)


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I really like this inspiration Kat. I can see so many takeaways that OpenIDEO can learn from Project H's line of work... For example, the ideas involving children and/or schools in former challenges could be built around a model that's similar to their Studio H in Bertie County.

(I want to take advantage of this comment and take a moment of glory to highlight that I helped translating this TED Talk into French :p)

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duly noted, rockstar!

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Thanks Sarah! I definitely agree, there are so many ideas one can take from Project H: Community involvement, the idea of empowerment, using design to transform or renew, communicating the importance of a cause to stakeholders -- Emily Pilloton is brilliant. :)

And congrats on the translation! Super exciting! :D

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