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make the "winners" well known

and help them to be known by the right places - and openideo too ;-)

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Imagine e.g. the students starts a carrer and has to show that he has good ideas,

imagine e.g. somebody needs help to start a concept for poor people in south africa,

imagine e.g. some agencies just need creative ideas on some subjects,

image e.g. you can make me proud showing my concept with some honours,

if you can show all this at different places (e.g. also at universities) than you might increase the impact of that story. 


Note: "Winner" can be selected by many ways: winning concepts + teams; inspiring teams; member oder members ... 


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Interesting thought, but I'm not sure I fully agree. I think the most viable concepts should be made famous, not the winners. What, in my humble opinion, has made OpenIDEO so successful so far, is the fact that contributors take part because they want to see an issue solved. Or flex their brain. Or collaborate with some awesome people. Most of the people here are not in it for personal gain. Whether that is a monetary reward, of public recognition and a shot to fame. My biggest fear would be that this type of reward will make the challenges more about winning it, than finding great solutions for the problem at hand. I'm afraid that the promise of becoming famous makes people collaborate less, or at least less collaborative.
To be completely honest, the fame part is of course compelling and nice. I was so lucky to be quoted or mentioned in some of the presentations that the OpenIDEO people have done around the world. Apparently there was one at the LIONs in Cannes. Being mentioned in these presentations contributes to my reputation. I got some great feedback on it. And I am very grateful for this. But being mentioned in this way (not as a winner of something, but as one example of how people participate here) made me love the OpenIDEO team and platform even more. Plus it ensures my continued participation.
So making participants famous for being part of the team could be better than making participants famous on the condition that they 'win' a challenge.
On another note: I think the only winners in a challenge are the people whose lives are positively impacted by the solutions we provide here.

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thank you very much indeed for this comments - it will make change the title of the inspiration :-)