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Local Chapters Enhance Impact

Acumen empowers local groups and chapters to spur support and connections around their mission to change the way the world tackles poverty.

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Acumen Fund is doing a great job in changing the way the world tackles poverty through it's big picture impact investing model. They also empower local groups and chapters via their Acumen Community website. Groups like Pakistan for Acumen, Boston for Acumen are user-directed groups which include online forums on topics like local social entrepreneurship, fund-raising and often also self-organise to set up events and talks. Acumen provides the online platform and support via featuring notable highlights from various global groups and providing guidelines like Acumen Fund Chapters. In fact our very own OpenIDEATOR, Anjelika Deogirikar, of OpenIDEO Tweet-up fame – is on the steering committee of the 200+ strong San Francisco Chapter. As groups can be formed by users, they are not always defined by location. Mad Med for Acumen reaches out to folks in the advertising world to share their perspectives in ways which support Acumen's core values and pursuits. There are also groups like Campuses for Social Enterprise which link students with an interest in Acumen's principles. 

Might we enhance social impact through enabling and empowering members of our 17 000+ OpenIDEO community to connect as smaller groups – around location or shared skills & interests? Can we build upon the learnings from the decentralised Acumen model? What support could be provided while encouraging groups to be financially sustainable and independent? How might social action by groups be incentivised?


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If folks are thinking upon building on this Inspiration for Concpeting – they may want to think about how local leadership would play out. Could people volunteer to lead chapters – then as a group grows a steering team be elected? What responsibilities should be outlined to make it easy to grow your group? Has anyone got insights from other groups they belong too?

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