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How can everyone participate??

You have to be a bit brave to contribute here. You also have to know how to read and type. How do we make Open IDEO accessible to people we would not typically look to for ideas? How do we create a community to make all opinions equally valuable?

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Social change occurs when everyone feels like they belong. Belonging happens when people know they are considered equally valuable to everyone else in the community regardless of ability, resources, ethnicity, sexual identity, or gender. Being considered valuable comes with communication.  Communication can happen in lots of ways. 

How about a simpler, more streamlined Open IDEO?  One where I can take my tablet computer to the person who is homeless at the bus stop, ask for their ideas on a topic and upload the conversation and then show it to them?  How about being able to use only pictures, not Internet files, but pictures on the site that can be put together to express something if someone does not know how to read or does not talk?  Once the ideas are up is there a simple way for me to show people feedback without them having to read it?  Can the discussion of a topic be only in pictures or video? Maybe the site could read aloud sections that are written down?  Opening things up to more people will  add to the ideas and create a larger sense that we are all valuable and in my opinion create more social change. 


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Brilliant - taking it to the people - I like it!

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