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Getting Actively Involved

Let's get people involved, physically and mentally. One way to do that is to get out there and make yourself accessible. The 'Makers Fair' inspired the thought on how this could happen...

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Basically, Open Ideo is a digital application currently. And we're thinking about how we want to reach more people, and make it accessible. This 'makers fair' inspired me with the simple thought: why not get the public involved with the problem solving process...? There are lot's pf them, which only means one thing- lot's of brains...!

Why not turn the digital 'Open Ideo' into 'Physical Open Ideo' ? And put it places where people are in that active state of mind, and would be excited to get involved i.e. the 'Make it Fair' being one...? This way it is way more accessible, and an active way of expanding out and moving forward. Specific challenges (potentially posted online in the build up, or selected by the public them selves - this would obviously need to be organised/filtered properly etc.).

Tools would also need to be provided to make this possible. And potential awards/recognition for best solutions in the similar way that Open Ideo already works.

Included is an example of the Goldsmiths Stand at New Designers 2011 - they basically welcomed 'problems' from the public, for them to actively explore and come up with solutions on their giant white canvas of a stand. My idea would be to flip this on it's head, and welcome the thoughts/ideas/solutions of the public to 'pre - chosen briefs' (like Open Ideo is now). This could be done in a 'workshop like manner' - listening to the public verbally, physically and visually. All ages could be involved, children - to elderly, and due to it being at a fun event, people would be at their most relaxed, open, and creative state of mind...!

There could be potential to get more involved, with different stages/attend more workshops/see the results of their contributions (this is where it could lead on to them becoming more active with Open Ideo online). No-one can resist a challenge...!


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Tanya, it's a great idea. The big benefit of the online-form of OpenIDEO is that it is asynchronous and accessible to anybody in the world (given they have computer skills and internet access). We have discussed physical get-togethers before, and the biggest challenge seems to be to get people to the same physical location. Currently, the spread is quite large, and for me personally, I am one of the very few participants from the country I live in.
Still, that shouldn't stop us from coming up with ideas of how to get people together. One of the ideas that have been discussed is the OpenSTORM. See the user forums for a thread on that:
How would you organise a gathering like this, keeping in mind that the OpenIDEO community is very bottom-up.

Oh, one more thing: keep developing this idea, and DON'T forget to also post it as a concept in the next phase.

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Where there's a will there's a way! Thanks Arjan, and will remind myself to re-post this in the Ideas phase!

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Also, you're completely right about the internet making Open Ideo Globally accessible, and this is brilliant - I guess this thought more builds on that, and looks to 'fill in the gaps' for those who the internet doesn't reach, and expand out even further - how big can we make Open Ideo? Where will Open Ideo be in the future? To capture thoughts and Ideas when people are having fun and actively encouraging them to build solutions would be a beautiful thing - then let those individuals go home feeling and knowing that they have achieved something...for themselves and someone else... Could you pick up a phone and tell someone an idea? Could it be a program on the TV? Could you go on Skype and start a discussion? Could a 'Mothers morning' become an 'Open Ideo Session for new baby products..' It's about the people who know, doing the designing...But yes, I will have a think. Thanks Arjan!

Photo of Kat Ingalls

Great feedback, Arjan. Tanya, maybe instead of a Fair/Convention, it could me more like a bookclub gathering. You could talk to your friends about the challenge, see if they're interested, see if others in your area are interested, and create a group that meets once a week - or however often you'd like.

That would help with the small-scale nature of OpenIDEO, as well as making the group interactions more personal (you can have too many people!). :) Perhaps OpenIDEO could integrate a "Groups" option for postion ideas, etc? Excellent inspiration!

Photo of Meena Kadri

Interesting Kat. And might we consider how we could incentivise more than thinking and talking (a la bookclub) towards localised social action?

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Good Idea Kat :)

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