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Evoking openIDEO to scholars impact later Change

I would like openIDEO in my high schools where I grew up. It's personal, transparent: My openIDEO. By embracing Change locally to what is dearest to us, we are foot printing into a global community.

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Change to me is an introspective path; even though the evidence mostly focuses on the external result.

I looked into my own educational background and realized:

openIDEO would have sparked an intellectual curiosity early on during my formative schooling years. I recalled from those days the three types of teachers that I encountered:

•The Knowledge one, Wise one, Consultant

•The Eloquent one, Entertainer one

•The Educator one: the one that when he/she questions you looks for your own interpretation what was taught

openIDEO is the educator enfolded in one body: its own community with one goal: to change the planet for the better.

I would like to bring “My openIDEO” to the schools where I grew up and am familiar with, because, Change to me is on my own local community. I start near to reach further. I think local when am already abroad.

I want these students to become IDEO users/contributors and bring their own voice to solve their challenges, at an early age.

The High Schools that I think of are in Brazil and Ecuador. Personnel at these schools are versed in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

On the wave of Social Media, introducing openIDEO to an early age evokes socially impact locally.


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Patricio, this a very insightful sharing. I look forward to see this inspiration getting further developed in the concept phase. More involvement from high school students around the world will definitely bring fresh and great ideas to this community!

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Agreed! Definitely hold on to this for our Concepting round – we'd love to hear what you think about how we might engage young people in open and social innovation.

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Yes, I agree. It would be great to see this worked out further as a concept. Maybe in collaboration with Avi's Open Source OpenIDEO inspiration:

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Thank you for your notes. Redundantly, as I mentioned want to start locally (a challenge am familiar with) to build the skill and momentum towards addressing another challenge that I may not be to familiar with, (functionally, i.e. housing, agriculture). Ultimately, I want to benefit the end-user, consumer (scholars) influenced by all of your mindful ideas, designs...openIDEO