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Devising Design Strategies for Non Profit Organization

Researching, Thinking, Planning and then Executing etc are various Major key areas, if done appropriately can make Massive Changes and Betterments to a challenge, Which therefore leads to devising a strategy, for a goal.

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Most of the well managed professionl companies have their vision statement and then they work towards organizational objectives and goals. To achieve these objective and goal, the orgnization sets departmental strategies..

As my Inspiration explains, 
"Implementing A Successful Social Media Strategy to Boost Recruitment"

This company based in india, incorporate recruitment strategy, and focus on how companies can find success in doing so. They invite participants. With a concentration on educational understanding and practical application, participants takes away the framework for a successful social media strategy to boost recruitment.

SAme Ways, Open IDEO, can take up any non organization's goal, go through company profiles, research on the organization annual progress, and den can bring together Inhouse Designers, who could device strategies for the same, and can suggest new ideas to them. Which can contribute organization with fresh ideas.   


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Welcome the challenge, Ankita! Another way of thinking about this would be to make it clearer to NGO's how they can all use concepts which we generate on OpenIDEO. This is currently possible but possibly many NGO's, organisations and individuals may not be clear about the process for furthering ideas which have been generated on the platform.

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Thank you Meena, for guiding me.

Main problem lies in people not knowing the design process and its efficiency. As i myself have experienced this problem at market level. Through your Point I guess we can even plan out or think on ways to let them know or get aware of the whole design process system.

That could be another challenge to solve. "How to make organizations and individuals aware of the design process" :)

Thanks meena, i will be so grateful, if you could continue guiding me through out my posts.
Thank you