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Designated Mind-mapper for future OpenIDEO Challenges!

Mindmapping has proven to be extremely helpful throughout different phases of OpenIDEO Challenges. It has been instrumental in helping moving inspiration and concept phases further along. What if we make this as a permanent feature of each challenge?

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Written by DeletedUser

At the beginning of each OpenIDEO Challenge, there can be a call for volunteers to be designated mind-mappers for the challenge (or even each phase within the challenge, i.e. inspiration, concepts, etc).

Since there is fair amount of subjective perspective in organization the ideas/thoughts, having between 3-5 designated volunteer Mindmappers will provide the community a good sample of different perspectives of inspirations/concepts that have been contributed. 

The degsinated mind-mappers should commit to update their mindmaps regularly for the designated duration in a challenge or in a phase within a challenge. This would be a great place for Ideators to check in anytime to catch up, spark on new ideas and check on any missing
areas that need more creative juices going!


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Fab thoughts, Chloe! We'll be switching to the Concepting phase later this week so we're hoping you'll develop this idea further and come post it there. Keep in mind that our focus on this challenge is on social impact and action so you might want to think about how you can extend your thoughts to focus on more than organising ideas to motivating actions from them. Your current thinking would also be a great addition over on our User Forums under Feature Suggestions:

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Thanks Meena. That's a very good point!! I will think about during concept phase to develop the idea beyond organizing the thought but also encourage behavioral change and action which hopefully leads to social impact... Thanks a lot for taking this to another level!

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