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Using OpenIDEO brand to conncect the dots: cause, funding, action

When I think of social innovation or creating positive change, I see three variables that need to be satisfied: 1) a worthwhile cause and call to action 2) funding, either monetary or manpower to take action 3) logistics of effectively taking action

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Similar to the way TEDx provides a roadmap for local organizers to host their own TED conference, openIDEO could create a similar roadmap for connecting causes, funding, and action takers.

I think TEDxSMU has done a good job of encouraging people to take ACTION after their events. They do this in a couple of key ways:

Through encouraging TEDsters to participate in If We Ran the World.comwhich connects big ideas with volunteers willing to take "microactions" to help make the cause a reality.

Through support of events like bigBANG which is an event that allows social innovators to pitch their ideas to angel investors, businesses, and other funders.


So I think openIDEO could leverage their "brand" to create a road map for people to invite social innovators (causes) and investors/volunteers (funding) to the same event where openIDEO's expertise on the logistics of enacting change can be delivered. It's all about getting the openIDEO message in the hands of those who have the motivation and ability to take action. Perhaps the openIDEO logistics for change roadmap includes partnerships with groups like Kickstarter or IWRTW. OpenIDEO has more star power to foster these partnerships than individual organizers.


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Nice. Good collection of examples. There are some concepts hidden in this inspiration!

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