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Carrotmob - empowering consumers with a purpose

Carrotmob has been used as an inspiration before, but being able to empower and rally consumers around a key message or meaning can be very powerful.

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Carrotmob has a platform that is extensible, and that can bring large causes to the grassroots level. It is an awesome way to show support of an idea in the real world.


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I am a longtime member of a similar organized effort, it is a swedish concept of getting cheaper electricity utility bills. They have monthly auctions with all the utility companies.
about 10 years ago there was a big Letsbuyit-outlet-webshop of this system, sadly they went bankrupt because there still was not internet to all homes, as there are now.

So there is huge potential to do similar carrot-campaigns on different scales, both consumer goods aswell as in the infrastructure. also independent of geography.

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