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Business Schools as Forces for Social Good

With 'social impact' emerging as a center of research, practice, and strategic focus among many elite business schools, I'd like to see OpenIDEO included as part of student activities (e.g. Net Impact) or the curricular projects (e.g. Presidio SOM).

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Business schools propose to train next generation leaders to change the world.  Let's invite students, faculty, staff and alumni to engage their thoughtful participation in OpenIDEO.

Some examples...

Stanford Graduate School of Business:
"Our mission is to create ideas that deepen and advance our understanding of management and with those ideas to develop innovative, principled, and insightful leaders who change the world."

Harvard Business School
"We educate leaders who make a difference in the world."

Wharton School
On Dean Thomas Robertson... "Since returning to Wharton as Dean, his focus has been to expand Penn’s global footprint while advancing Wharton as a force for social and economic good."


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Business schools are indeed taking a great effort to stress the importance of good corporate citizenship. Whether it is called shared value, csr, social impact, whatever. And I think that making the OpenIDEO experience part of the curricula, would be very beneficial to all. It seems, by the way, that OpenIDEO is already used in schools all over the world. I think there was a school in Africa, and in the OpenPlanetIdeas challenge there were a suspicious amount of teams from Italian schools joining in. I thought that had something to do with incorporating the platform into curricula. But it would be great to hear from these students or teachers what their experiences were.

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Thank you, Arjan, for building on my inspiration which was building on the comment on University Ambassadors. Given that OpenIDEO is more distributed and potentially more inclusive, I'd like to see the platform integrated with change making curricula beyond those in "elite" schools. From what I've heard, design from the "edges" is a popular refrain these days, wherever that edge may be.

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Indeed – we've had reports from Ghana, Colombia & Melbourne of schools and universities taking part in challenges together through their semesters. Plus of course there was the involvement with Stanford via the Bone Marrow Challenge. Great prompt, Julius, to explore this avenue further. Anyone got more ideas of what would make for meaningful partnerships in this vein? If you've got faculty that would care to comment – get them to join up and be part of the conversation!